Dot Sticker Snowflake

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Sometimes you just need an activity that will keep them occupied while you get stuff done. Well I have you covered with this fun and easy to set up Dot Sticker Snowflake. A great winter time fine motor activity.

Here’s how to get started

Gather your supplies. Use the picture guide below to help you create a simple snowflake step by step.

The amount of dot stickers you have or want your little one to use will determine how big you make the snowflake.

The bigger the snowflake the more dot stickers they will use but also the more time they potentially will spend at it!

My four year old is really into completely projects like this. Which is amazing for me because I made her a really large snowflake and she remained engaged the entire time to finish it.

But when she was two and three she would never have remained this engaged for so long. So be aware of your child’s attention span and don’t feel bad if they start and then get bored and walk away before it’s done.

Leave it up on the wall and they will come back when they are ready.

Do it With Them

A good way to get them to remain engaged is to sit down with your child for a little while and stick on the stickers with them. At four my daughter still loves it when I join an activity with her.

While this is not always possible I know but it does help to keep her engaged.


Have your little one stick the dot stickers all along the line of the snowflake.


This may seem like just another busy activity, which it is but there is also lots of learning going one here.

This activity is great for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


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