Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids

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INSIDE: Birds Sensory Bin is a fun small world sensory bin activity for toddlers and preschoolers! Create a beautiful and enticing bird world sensory experience complete with a birdhouse!

Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids

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Putting the Birds Sensory Bin Together

The main fillers in this sensory bin are birdseed and cardboard. To make the cardboard fillers I simply cut scrap pieces of cardboard into thin bits and piled to them on one side of the sensory bin. On the other side I placed the bird seed.

Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids

I also added a small fake birds nest that I had purchased years ago and never actually used. It make the perfect accessory to this bin. I purchased the nest from Michael’s.

I added small wooden bowls to make nests in and spoons for scooping the birdseed. For the birdhouse I made it out of cardboard. You can find the design that I used to make the birdhouse here. I added a few more bird perches on the roof specifically for the sensory bin since the bottom ones would be buried under the cardboard brush.

Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids
Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids
Beautiful Birds Sensory Bin for Kids

I created a few fake worms for the birds to feast on using brown pipe cleaners. You can also create your own worms out of brown foam sheets.

Next, I included, white, yellow and beige Pom poms for eggs. For greenery, I added a few artificial leaves. Finally I add small bird toys and let my twin toddlers loose on it.

How to Play with this Sensory Bin

For this sensory bin, I let the imagination of my twins take over. I didn’t pepper them with questions or facts. We did talk about what birds ate, when it came up in the course of their play. (I did sit down and play with them for a bit). They had a blast pretending to feed the birds, digging for worms, building nests and keeping their eggs safe and warm.

A Bird-tiful Hit

This was such a hit with my little guys! They played for quite a while with it and the

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