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We are big into sports in our house, both watching and playing. I’m into yoga, husband is into squash, my almost four year old loves ballet and tennis and we all ski! We also love to watch almost every sport including basketball. We recently had to watch our team loose to Lebron James in the second round of the NBA Playoffs and I still had basketball on my mind. It’s such a fun and easy sport perfect for all ages. In Caps Basketball you and your little can compete to sink the most caps!


Here’s what’ll need to play your own Caps Basketball:


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Easy Set Up for Caps Basketball

Tape the cups around the inside of the sensory bin.


I played this game with my almost 4 year old so I taped some cups on both sides of the sensory bin.


I sat on one side and she sat on the other side.


She decided that she only wanted to use her favourite coloured caps pink, purple and yellow and so I was left with the other colours.


Using the edge of the sensory bin as a guide we each tried to ‘sink a basket’ but tossing a cap into the cups on the opposite side.


The Sort of Rules

Depending on the age of your child the rules for this game can change. For us I said that your body count not pass over the side of the sensory bin. For instance, you could not lean forward over the cups and simply drop the caps in. You had to toss it in from behind the bin. She followed these rules sporadically, I was more interested in her having fun!


Super Fun

This was super fun and a great activity to do with a child that gets upset when they don’t get something right away. My daughter could see that I was also missing the cups a lot and that that was OK.

This was super easy to set up and tons of fun and will definitely be a go to activity in the future!



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