Valentines Ball Drop

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Here is a fun twist on a classic DIY activity. Its perfect for babies and toddlers from 12 months and up. And it is super easy to make!

Here’s how to get started!

There is a little bit of prep involved in this activity that is best done while your baby or toddler is sleeping. It can easily be done in less than 10 minutes!

Grab your box. I usually use my Amazon Prime delivery boxes because they always come in unique sizes and they are easy to cut. You can also use a shoe box.

Grab your scissors. You are going to want to use a strong pair of scissors and not just your regular paper scissors. I used kitchen shears but box cutters will also do the trick!

Draw a Heart

Take a pencil and draw a the shape of a heart on your box and then take a ball bit ball and trace around it all along the heart, leaving space in between.

Take your box cutters or kitchen shears and start cutting the circles that you traced. Ensure that the holes you create are big enough to easily fit the balls. Make them bigger if necessary.

Add some Color!

I did this activity with my almost 12 month old twins (their birthday was the following day) so they are not familiar with colours yet, BUT it is never too soon to start introducing the concept. Toddlers would definitely be able to start recognize colours and sort the balls accordingly.

Introduce Colors Early

In my mind, color is something you should be talking about with your baby or toddlers all the time and not just when you are learning about colors or doing a colour activity.

You can incorporate it at playtime, at meal time or when you are out for a walk!

To add colour to the box I used my Paint Sticks to colour in the heart and colour around the holes.

Baby Ball Drop

As soon as my babies saw this they knew what to do and I was so amazed! They dropped all the balls I had collected into the box before I knew it and I had to go and collect more! Needless to say it was an instant hit!!

Of course at 12 months they did not understand or realize that the ball holes were in the shape of a heart but I talked about it as well as all the coloured balls they were playing with. They may not understand it today but they will soon!


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Purchase your supplies now on Amazon!

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