Water Table Kitchen

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Summer would not be summer without our water table. I bought ours when my daughter was turning three and now, close to her fourth birthday, she is taller but still enjoys playing with it.


Like most other toys the occasional reinvention is sometimes required to keep her engaged. Water Table Kitchen did just that.


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Water Table Kitchen

This was so much fun for my almost 4 year old and she used the table table is some very imaginative ways.


She used the little water slide as a stove where she boiled vegetables.


Then poured the soup down the center water slide.

Vegetable Wash

Another really fun part of this water table activity is the opportunity to wash the plastic food. I add some dish soap and gave her a whisk to create bubbles.


She used the turning Ferris wheel as a vegetable washing machine! Something I would have never have thought to do!

Trouble Shooting

The play food I used was big enough that it wouldn’t be able to go down the center water slide and get stuck. Make sure to use play food that will either easily fit and slide down the slide and not get stuck or food that is too big to even fit. It will save you the headache of having to dislodge stuck play food.


Here is what you’ll need to create your own Water Table Kitchen:


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Simple set up for Water Table Kitchen

Fill your water table with water. Add play kitchen utensils like pots and pan. Use items that are too big to fit through the center water slide.




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