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Summer is officially here and our water table has become an everyday fixture in our backyard. Whether they are home made or store bought, water tables are great to beat the heat but if your toddler is anything like mine after about 15-20 minutes of playing with it they want to move on to something else. So in order to extend play with these amazing summer toys I like to add a few fun things into the mix. In this activity I added pom poms! Yes that’s it! So easy but sooo fun!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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Set up:

Super easy set up. Fill your water table with water and add a bunch of pom poms. If you want to extend play even further, have your toddler or preschooler put the pom poms into the water table themselves! You can add tools here to like a slotted spoon or Handy Scoopers.


Once all the pom poms were in the water table, my toddler started to stuff them into every corner of the table!


This is a great fine motor skill workout as well as great for exploring cause and effect.


She used the cup to scoop the pom poms up and pour them down the water slide in the middle.


She explored and experimented all on her own. I literally got to sit back and just watch her play!


If you haven’t noticed yet, there were a few water beads in our water table during this activity. They were left overs from the day before and although water beads are awesome they played second fiddle today to the pom poms.


Drying Pom Pom

To dry the pom poms, squeeze out the excess water and place them on a rack. This will help them to dry faster. Leave them on the counter in a spot out of the way as they may take a few days to dry depending on how big they are and how well you squeezed out the excess water. Adding pom poms to water does not take away from their fluffiness or softness when they are dried properly!

Looking for other ways to use Pom Poms in water?

Check out Pom Pom Water Transfer and Pom Pom Scoop!


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8 comments on “WATER TABLE & POM POMS”

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    Courtney Amber Klueh

    We will def try this. Do you have any more ideas? We have the same water table. My littlest is too small for water beads as he’s still mouthing. They had toy cars out yesterday, along with bath toys.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply! This was fun. Just watch your little who is still mouthing! Yes I do. Im hoping to post a few next week. Thanks so much for your interest!