Watercolor and Washi Tape Easter Egg Craft

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I love doing art activities with washi tape and watercolours.

There is something so pretty about the detail on the washi tape when it is combined with the delicate tones of watercolour paint that always create something amazing! This is a great activity to do with your toddler, preschoolers or kindergartner.

We have used this technique before to create a beautiful layered birthday cake and to decorate a Christmas tree that turned out wonderfully. Check out this fun Easter Egg version!

Here’s how to create your own Watercolour and Washi Tape Easter Egg

Grab your supplies. On the watercolour paper draw a large egg shape. I used a sharpie but you can also use a pencil. You will be cutting it out at the end once your little one is complete.

Washi Tape Cutting

To cut the washi tape you can either tear small pieces off and stick them on a smooth surface close by such as the back of a chair or table. Then have them decorate the Easter Egg using the washi tape.

They can create straight lines or zigzags or whatever they like! It does not matter if they tape outside the lines of the Easter egg because you will cut it out once it is dry.

Watercolour Painting

Hand your child the watercolours and let them paint the white spaces in between the washi tape.

I find watercolour painting to be a great calming painting activity for little ones. It is something that my four year old loves to do after school. Watercolour painting is a relatively mess free painting activity making it an ideal painting choice for toddlers and preschoolers.

Benefits of Painting

The brush that we use is smaller than our normal painting brush adding a fine motor element to this activity as well. Painting within the lines of the washi tape is also great for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor strength.

Next, once your child has finished painting the Easter egg let it dry and then cut it out. My four year old was able to cut hers out on her own. You can help out if you are doing this with your preschooler or toddler.

Glue the egg to a piece of coloured construction paper. Then cut out thin strips of paper from green construction paper to be grass and glue them all around the Easter Egg.

Total Hit

This was a very fun art activity for my four year old and the results were definitely art wall worthy!!


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