7 Tips for Stress-Free Traveling with Twins

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First off, let’s just admit that when you travel with a baby never mind babies it’s never really a vacation, it’s a trip. But just because it’s not a relaxing vacation of your 20s doesn’t mean that you can’t have a relatively stress-free traveling experience.

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I have 7 month old twins and a four year old. All my children have flown by the time they were 6 months. With my first we traveled a lot including Vancouver, California, New York, London and Montreal. From the time for my twins were 4 months and that doesn’t include countless trips to the cottage every summer.

There are a few things I’ve learned along the way have helped us. Although my advice is specific for twins it is definitely applicable to single babies. It just means you only have to do everything once!

OK ready for a travel experience that will have you booking your next trip the moment you return home? Great! Let’s get started!


1. Bring Backup

First of all, when traveling with two babies, if you can, bring someone else with you. We were traveling with 7 month old twins and a 4 year old so an extra pair of hands was vital. Luckily my mom was able to fly with us and having her in the seat in front was invaluable.

But flying with twins with just you and your partner is completely doable. My husband had to leave early so he flew back solo while my mom, three kids and I flew back separately a few days later.

When there are just two adults you always have to hold a baby even when you go to the washroom. Unless you are flying an airline where the flight attendants are willing to hold a baby for you your stuck with that munchkin! But again that’s ok I talk about how to manage in the washroom in the next section.

2. Carry Them

Invest in a twin carrier. I have the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier and I love it. It’s great because one person can carry the twins or it can be changed so that one person can carry one baby either in the back or in the front.

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In the airport we used our twin Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller with the car seats. We were renting a van so we needed to bring their car seats. We were able to gate check the stroller and car seats with no extra charge. Just before we boarded we each strapped on a baby and were able to board the plane hands free.

If you are grabbing the JOOVY Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller make sure you get the correct car seat adaptors. This link will get you the car seat adaptors for the Graco car seat.

We kept our carriers attached to our waists in our seats for the entire flight. It was handy especially when it was just my mom and I to hold the babies while in the seats and it made it easier when we had to change their diapers.

3. Don’t Over Pack

On the way down I definitely over packed my diaper bag and it made it next to impossible to find anything. I had books that went unread, toys that went unplayed with and snacks that weren’t eaten. Meanwhile when I wanted to find a bottle or blue garbage bag it took forever.

On the way back I learned my lesson. I removed the books. My 7 month twins love books but on the plane they were not interested in reading. They found the literature in the back of the seat far more interesting. It helped to have the diaper changing stuff in the carrier. I also only brought toys and teethers I knew they would use. I talk more about this in section 5.

4. Small Diaper Bag

If you have twins your diaper bag is probably gigantic but taking that gigantic diaper bag into a plane washroom is not ideal.

If you can, pack a smaller essential items diaper bag.

An even better option is to use your twin carrier pockets as a diaper bag.

The TwinGo Original Baby Carrier has these great large pockets that make perfect mini diaper bags. Just add diapers, blue garbage bag, change pad, hand sanitizer and wipes into each pocket (each carrier has these pockets) and you have the perfect diaper bag option. You can basically look like a superhero walking to the bathroom to change a diaper with your hands completely free!

5. No New Toys

It is tempting to want to buy new toys for your babies so that they have something novel and new to play with when you travel. However, this can backfire.

You may buy a new toy and introduce it on the flight up and they have no interest in it and now you have wasted valuable space on a toy that probably isn’t going to get used.

Now it may not backfire and you may luck out but why chance it. I found the best toys were the ones my twins knew well or the toys they have interacted with many times. The toys they loved to play with often those are the ones to bring. This goes for books as well. Save the new stuff for another time.

Here are a few of the toys that my twins love.

6. Snacks Snacks and More Snacks

When planning the snacks and food that you are going to bring with you on the plane always plan for the extra time you may have to spend during unexpected delays.

During our flight we were delayed for over an hour while we waited for the pilot to arrive from Alberta. So although I planned for a 5 1/2 hour trip this delay tacked on an extra hour to our trip and had I not planned with a few extra pouches and teething biscuits I would have been in trouble.

Pack a few extra things to help make it through any delays you may have.

Another Trick

Depending on where you are going and which airport you are in they may or may not let you take food pouches through security. Your best bet is to remove them from your diaper bag and place them in a clear plastic bag. That way when they go through security it is clear what kind of liquid they are and security is more likely to let you keep them.

7. Change of Clothes for You

It goes without saying that you need to bring a change of clothes for the babies. For a long flight I would bring several. But don’t forget yourself! We found that out the hard way. My son who was always a happy chucker (spits up a lot of breast milk but was not fussy). On the flight down while my husband was holding him he threw up all over his tan pants. When he went to the washroom several people gave him strange looks not knowing that he had just been holding a baby. So bring a change of clothes for yourself.

When it comes to your clothing, you have two options. You can either bring an extra t-shirt or shorts or you can just wear clothing that will still look clean even when covered in food and spit up. I find the best are tops for this are ones with a pattern on them. That way any unintended stains don’t stand out as much!



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