ABC Easter Egg Hunt for Toddlers

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ABC Easter egg hunt is great way to practice letters during Easter with your toddler or preschooler! It’s also a great to get kids moving!!

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I am not sure why I havent done an ABC Easter egg hunt like this before! It was so much fun for the kids, even my 5 year old who is home all day with us got into it. I had her hide some of the eggs for the twins.

abc easter egg Hunt

Then I hid a few for her in more difficult places and when she found them she had to come up with words that started with that word in English and French (she attends a French school).

How to set up ABC Easter egg hunt for toddlers

Grab 26 Easter eggs and your alphabet puzzle pieces. Fill each egg with a letter and hide them around your house or backyard.

abc easter egg Hunt

If you are doing this activity outside use your sidewalk chalk to write all the letters of the alphabet in large letters.

Planning to do this activity indoors? Write the letters on a piece of paper. If you have butcher paper you can write it on that in large letters or you can use white printer paper as well.

abc easter egg Hunt

Invite your toddler to run around and find the ends. Have them open them up to reveal the letters inside. Have them match the letter to the one written in sidewalk chalk or on the paper.

abc easter egg Hunt

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  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Sidewalk chalk (if doing this activity outdoors)
  • Sharpie and paper (if doing this activity indoors)
  • Letter puzzle or small foam letters that will fit inside an Easter egg
  • Easter baskets (optional)


abc easter egg Hunt

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