An Super Easy Toddler Dot Sticker Activity

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Do you want to start doing dot sticker activities with your toddler but don’t know where to start? Check out this simple to set up dot sticker activity perfect for your littlest learner!

Have you gotten your toddler hooked to dot stickers yet? Well, the next time you are in a stationary store or are ordering something off Amazon add a few Dot Stickers to your shopping cart for the next time you need a fun, quick activity for your toddler or preschooler.

Is your toddler already in love with dot stickers? Here are a few more ways to play with them:

Fine motor game using dot stickers for toddlers

Set Up Toddler Dot Sticker Activity

On a large sheet of white paper draw two large circles beside each other leaving about 10 cm or 4 inches in between them.

Dot Sticker Activity for toddlers

Tell your toddler that you would like them to stick the dots stickers inside the circles by demonstrating to how.

Hand your toddler a sheet of dot stickers and let them stick them try! As they are doing the activity continue to prompt them to place the stickers inside the circles and congratulate them when they do.

Fine motor game using dot stickers for toddlers

When they place the sticker outside the circles tell them:

“Oh you decided to place the green sticker outside the circles, can you try placing a red one inside a circle?”

Fine motor game using dot stickers for toddlers

Helpful Tip when Using Dot Stickers

Here is a simple trick you can do with most sticker sheets and definitely with dot sticker sheet. Tear off the paper surrounding the stickers so that it is easier for your little one to use their fingers to grab the stickers.

Dot Sticker Activity for toddlers

Learn Colours with Dot Stickers

This is a wonderful activity that can be adjusted as your toddler gets older by adding more shapes and colours. You can turn it into a colour sorting activity by creating circles with different colours and you can ask your preschooler to sort the dot stickers by colour. 

Fine motor game using dot stickers for toddlers

Skill Development Opportunities

This activity is great for Fine Motor Skills, Colour and Shape Recognition, Language and Vocabulary Development, Hand-Eye Coordination, Problem Solving, Emotional Development, Trial & Error, Visual Perception and Cognitive Development.

Age Suitability

This activity is ideal for 16 month old to 2 year old toddlers.


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Dot Sticker Activity for toddlers

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