Christmas Ornament Ramp

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Christmas Ornament Ramp is fun and super easy to set up STEM Christmas activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Set it up in seconds for endless play time this holiday season!

If you are anything like me you want to keep your kids happy and know that you aren’t able to entertain them at every moment of every day. As parents that is not our job. But sometimes we need to step up especially when they are all surrounding you asking for something to do and all your suggestions get turned down.

I set this up quickly for my toddlers and it allowed me to drink the rest of my coffee that morning!

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Setting Up Christmas Ornament Ramp

Setting up up Christmas ornament ramps is so easy I don’t even want to insult you with a explanation. You need cardboard and shatterproof Christmas baubles. I used our baubles that I have ever since I first had kids. They get used for activities ever year and never fail to entertain as well as decorate out tree once it arrives.

Total Hit

This was a total hit with my toddlers and like I mentioned above let me finish my oatmeal and coffee. While they played behind me I prompted them to try dropping 3 or 4 baubles at once. And since there were two of them I gave each one different colours and told them to have a race and to see which bauble was the fastest.

There are so many variations of this fantastic ramp activity that you can do. Plus don’t waste your wonderful ramp on just baubles! Once they get bored of the baubles instruct them to grab their favorite mini cars and race them down the ramp!

Christmas STEM for the win!!


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  • Cardboard
  • Shatterproof Christmas baubles or balls


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