100+ Christmas Crafts & Activities for Kids

Here is an epic list of Christmas activities and crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. So many amazing ideas to keep you and your little one busy making memories this holiday!

Looking for more Fun Christmas Activities? Check out these fun ideas:

This amazing list of Christmas activities for toddlers is broken down into three sections:

  • Christmas Arts and Crafts
  • Christmas Activities
  • Christmas Sensory Activities

Amazing Christmas Arts & Crafts

  1. Post It Note Christmas Tree
  2. DIY Tie-Dye Christmas Cards
  3. DIY Photo Name Tags
  4. Christmas Tree Surprise Art
  5. Ugly Sweater Sun Catcher Craft
  6. Christmas Tree Paper Towel Surprise Art
  7. Rainbow Cotton Ball Christmas Tree
  8. Gingerbread Sticky Wall
  9. Potato Stamped Christmas Lights
  10. Christmas Bauble Painting
  11. Giant Gingerbread Man Craft
  12. Ugly Christmas Sweater Sticky Wall
  13. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Craft
  14. Mess Free Christmas Art
  15. Knife Painted Christmas Tree Art
  16. Spatula Painted Reindeer Craft
  17. Potato Masher Christmas Ornaments Craft
  18. Giant Christmas Bauble Painting
  19. Potato Masher Santa Bellies Craft
  20. Spatula Painted Santa Craft
  21. Potato Masher Gingerbread Man Craft
  22. Potato Masher Wreath Craft
  23. Snowman Mess Free Art
  24. Potato Masher Snowman Craft
  25. Fork Painted Snowflake Craft
  26. Pom Pom Painted Snowflake Craft
  27. Duplo Painted Snowflake
  28. Paper Ball Reindeer Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun
  29. Gingerbread House Card by iHeart Crafty Things
  30. Bubble Wrap Santa Beard Art
  31. Santa Searchers Christmas Craft – Love Your Littles
  32. Tape Resist Reindeer Art
  33. Blow Painted Reindeer Antlers
  34. Snowy Houses Craft
  35. Yarn and Stick Christmas Tree Craft by Kids Craft Room
  36. Paper Plate Santa Craft by Arty Crafty Kids
  37. Paper Cup Christmas Tree by Fire Flies and Mud Pies
  38. Christmas Lights Craft by Little Ones Learn

38. Crafty Christmas Invitation by Rainbows and Fireflies

39. Pom Pom Painted Santa by Little Ones Learn

40. DIY Ornaments by Play at Home Mama

Christmas Activities

  1. Christmas Lights Sticky Wall
  2. Magnetic Tile Christmas Tree
  3. DIY Santa Board Game
  4. Feed Santa Math Game
  5. Feed the Reindeer Carrots Game
  6. Q-Tip Christmas Trace and Paint
  7. Christmas Baubles & Tubes
  8. Jingle Bell Puzzle Counting
  9. Christmas Bauble Counting
  10. Candy Cane Patterns
  11. Jingle Bell Names
  12. Letter Presents Literacy Activity for Preschoolers
  13. Christmas Baubles and Play Dough Building Challenge
  14. Christmas Tree Play Dough Sticky Wall
  15. Magnetic Tile Christmas Puzzles
  16. Reindeer Marble Run
  17. Santa Sticky Wall
  18. Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree
  19. Christmas Tree Writing Tray
  20. Jingle Bell Egg Shakers
  21. Cut Santa’s Beard Fine Motor Activity
  22. Decorate the Magnetic Tile Christmas Tree
  23. Christmas Craft Stick Puzzles
  24. Dot Sticker Christmas Tree
  25. Holiday Ornament Ramp
  26. Christmas Ornament Relay Race
  27. Christmas Stocking Sticky Wall
  28. CVC Christmas Tree Activity for Preschoolers
  29. Caps Tree Activities
  30. Snowman Sticky Wall
  31. Sticker Sort with Snowmen
  32. Snowflake Sticky Wall
  33. Button Counting Snowman
  34. Snow Letters Sticky Wall
  35. Dot Sticker Snowflake
  36. Holiday Sweater Collage Craft for Kids – Fun Learning for Kids
  37. Christmas Tree Math Tray – And Next Comes L
  38. Christmas Tree Balance – The Inspired Treehouse
  39. Make a Jingle Bell Necklace – Prekinders
  40. Cotton Ball Snowman Craft – A Little Pinch of Perfect
  41. Easy DIY Paper Straw Wreaths – Projects With Kids
  42. Christmas Shape Tree – Teaching Special Thinkers
  43. Christmas Math Activity: Graphing with Gift Bow – And Next Comes L
  44. Decorate the Christmas Tree Activity with ABCs – Hands On As We Grow
  45. Stocking Hunt
  46. Christmas Present Count
  47. Post it Presents Match
  48. DIY Felt Christmas Tree by Play at Home Mummy

49. Christmas Tree Colour and Shape Matching by A Day for Play

50. Pouch Line Christmas Tree by Flisatfun

Christmas Sensory Activities

  1. Frozen Pom Poms
  2. Reindeer Farm Sensory Bin
  3. Christmas Tubes Sensory Bin
  4. I-Spy Christmas Sensory Bin
  5. Christmas Baking Sensory Bin
  6. A Simple Christmas Sensory Bin For Babies
  7. Pom Pom Christmas Sensory Bin
  8. Christmas Kitchen Sensory Bin
  9. Jingle Bells Magnetic Tubes Sensory Bin
  10. Santa Sensory Bag
  11. Easy Christmas Tree Sensory Bin
  12. Santa Sensory Bottle – Very Special Tales
  13. Christmas Light Play Dough Letters Trace
  14. Christmas Play Dough Invitation to Play
  15. Christmas Tree Sensory Bag
  16. Ornament Scooping | Holiday Sensory Ideas for Toddlers – Toddler Approved
  17. Gingerbread House by Playful Potrer


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