DIY Craft Stick Christmas Puzzles

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Christmas Craft Stick Puzzles is an adorable DIY puzzle activity for toddlers and preschoolers. A great busy bag activity where they can practice counting and more!

I love craft sticks but have never created puzzles using them. But after seeing how amazing these craft stick puzzles came out I will definitely be doing it again! They took a little bit of effort to create but they are something that I can pull out to help keep my toddlers occupied for a few minute during the holidays. I also found that if I sat with them and pretend to be the voices of the characters they were putting together they played with them solo so much better!

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Creating Christmas Craft Stick Puzzles

Grab about 6-7 large craft sticks and line them up then tape them together using painter’s tape. Flip them over and take a sharpie and draw the outline of the Christmas pictures you want to create. I drew a Santa, candy cane (because my kids love candy and I knew this one would be a hit), snowman and Christmas tree.

Then I took a small brush and some washable kids paint and coloured in the drawings. I completed all of this while watching season two of Succession. It took me about 20 minutes to complete them all. Did I mention that I also had a glass of wine with me?

On a few of the puzzles I wrote numbers on the end of each craft stick to help my toddler put them together and practice counting. You can also add letters.

Let them dry over night. Once dry remove the painter’s tape and mix up of the sticks. I didn’t need to invite my toddlers to do this activity. As soon as they saw them they were eager to solve them.

Mu kids are 2.5 years old and 6 years old.


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