Potato Stamped Christmas Lights Activity

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Potato stamped Christmas lights is a fun and easy painting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a colorful array of Holiday lights using mini potatoes!

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Potato Stamped Christmas Lights

How to Set Up Potato Stamped Christmas Lights

Grab your white Kraft paper and cover your table or floor with it. Take your black paint stick (you could also use a black sharpie for this part) and draw a string of Christmas lights. Include small sockets where your little one is going to stamp the mini potatoes or Pom poms or finger prints or wine corks.

Potato Stamped Christmas Lights

Pour a small amount of each colour you want to use on to a paper plate. Cut mini potatoes in half and arrange them beside each colour. Although I would have liked my toddlers to use a new potato for each colour, this of course was not the case. They often ended up mixing the colours which was fine and gave us an opportunity to talk about what new colours they were making.

Show your little one where to stamp the potatoes to create the light bulbs, at the end of the light bulb socket your created. Then let them loose.

How they Painted

Although this was a great craft activity it ended up being a fun process art activity. They mixed colours, made small and large bulbs and yes got their hands into it as well.

Potato Stamped Christmas Lights

All in all this was a super fun but messy painting activity. I advise that you make sure that you cover your entire table with paper to protect it and put a smock on your little one.

Messy Fun Tip

This was such as fun art activity for my toddlers. It also turned into a sensory painting activity. In order to save their beautiful creation I took away the painted lights and handed them a separate sheet so that they could continue painting with their hands!

Save their Work

Before they used their work as a sensory painting activity, I was able to save enough of their Christmas light painting to use it as wrapping paper for the handmade gifts they make for their grandparents!

My kids are 2.5 and 6 years old.


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