Christmas Tree Paper Towel Surprise Art

Christmas tree paper towel surprise art is a fun and simple to create fine motor art activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Decorate the tree using water for Christmas!

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How to Create Christmas Tree Paper Towel Surprise Art

Grab two sheets of paper towel. Keep them together if you can. On the bottom sheet draw a Christmas tree similar to the photo below using washable colourful markers.

Lay another sheet of paper towel on top of your tree drawing and trace the outline of the tree on the top sheet using a black permanent marker such as a sharpie.

This is the tricky part. As you draw the outline you will need to see the tree that you drew on the bottom. An easy way to do this, is put your two sheets of paper towel up to a window so that you can see the coloured tree on the bottom. Draw the outline of it on the top sheet.

Place your paper towel drawing with the permanent marker side up on a baking sheet or larger dinner plate.

Decorating your Christmas tree

If this is the first time your little one is using an eye dropper, I suggest practicing using it before starting the activity.

Once they get the hang of it, invite them to drop water onto their Christmas Tree and to watch the colour come through and the decorations light up!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Paper Towel Surprise Art

  1. Debra Cole Kelner

    This is brilliant and perfectly timed as I’ve been planning indoor activities for my small pod of children aged 3-5.5 for next week. They’ll love this ! Hopefully it will keep them entertained for… 5 minutes? Can I hope for 10-15?

    1. Mandisa Watts

      For your older child have them create their own paper towel surprise picture using the same technique. It doesn’t have to be complex. A person and a sun is perfect. I did that with my 6 year old to extend the activity. You could help the 3.5 year olds create their own as well. Then grab a sensory bin and water and different containers and let them play with the eye droppers and water. If you are feeling adventurous add food colouring.

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