Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

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Feed the Reindeer carrots game is a fun and easy literacy game for toddlers and preschoolers. Let your little one feed Santa’s reindeers some yummy and healthy carrots all the while working on letter and letter sound recognition!

Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

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Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

Feed The Reindeer Carrots Game

First thing you need a cardboard box. I was doing this activity with my twins so I used a very large box but this can be done with any size box. I also used the same box that I used for the Feed The Santa Game. Draw the outline of a reindeer head and antlers with your black sharpie. Use my picture as a reference.

Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

Grab your paint sticks and colour in your reindeer antlers, face and red nose. Take a pair of scissors and cut a slit for the mouth of the Santa big enough to fit cookies you make. Add large googley eyes for added character to your Santa!

Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

To make the letter carrots use craft sticks and green construction paper. Color the carrots orange on one or both sides (I reused the craft sticks from this DIY Craft Stick Christmas Puzzle Activity so I only coloured one side.) Next cut green construction paper to create the leafy greenery on the top of the carrots.

How to Play Feed the Reindeer Carrots Game

Lay out your craft stick carrots beside your reindeer and call out a letter. For toddlers, only include a select number of letters. For preschoolers you can include more letters. Invite your toddler to find the letter and feed it to their reindeer.

Build the Back Story

Tell them that the reindeer are very hungry after working all night on Christmas delivery presents all around the world. (I actually became the voice of of the reindeer and asked my toddlers to feed me that letter). They absolutely loved that I pretended to be the reindeer. I often do this when playing with my toddlers. They were very eager to find the letter and feed it to the reindeer.

After a while I simply let them feed the reindeer any letter and as they did I would ask them to identify it and its letter sound.

They Love It

This was really a hit and they played this several times in one sitting and again the next few days later on their own. TO make it easier to retrieve the carrots after they went inside the box I cut a hole on the side so that they could climb inside and get the carrots. This was a lot of fun for them and extended the life of this fun literacy activity.

Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

My kids are 2.5 and 6 years old.


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Feed the Reindeer Literacy Game

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