Counting Christmas Presents Toddler Activity

AHEAD: Counting Christmas Presents activity is a fun counting activity for toddlers. Count mini presents under mini Christmas trees with your toddler or preschooler for this Holiday inspired math activity.

Counting Christmas Presents Activity

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Counting Christmas Presents Activity

Setting Up Counting Christmas Presents

My toddlers love the idea of presents. What toddler or preschooler doesn’t!! So I thought wouldn’t they make a great item to count in an activity. I hadn’t wrapped their Christmas presents yet (plus I didn’t want them snooping around their real presents for fear they would try to open them). So I decided to wrap small wooden blocks.

Counting Christmas Presents Activity

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I used some scrap wrapping paper and tape and quickly wrapped 14 presents so that they would have enough presents to count out under 5 Christmas trees.

Counting Christmas Presents Activity

Next, I cut out 5 triangles for Christmas trees out of green construction paper. I wrote 1 to 5 on the trees and included dots to represent the amount.

Use yellow dot stickers to represent the star on top of the tree. I also used the yellow dot sticker star as a way to attache the trees to the wall just above the floor.

Playing Counting Christmas Presents

I placed all the wrapped blocks into a pile and lined up the trees on the wall close to the floor. I then asked my toddlers to put the correct number of presents under each tree.

Counting Christmas Presents Activity

They immediately started to place presents under each tree without counting. The mistake I made (because I hadn’t finished my coffee yet) but one you will learn from, was I did not go through the numbers on the trees first.

So before you invite your toddler to start putting presents under the tree, go over the numbers on each tree first. Ask them to identify the number and count the dots with them. Ask them how many presents do they think should go under that tree. Tell them that they are Santa and that they need to count out the correct number of presents to place under each tree.

Tons of Counting Fun

Once we did this they were more focused on counting! They loved this activity and once we were done counting they had a blast opening up the “presents” to reveal the blocks underneath!

Counting Christmas Presents Activity


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  • Blocks
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Green construction paper
  • Dot stickers
  • Marker


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