Fast & Easy Math Activities

Easy Peasy Math Activities

Looking for easy math activities for your toddler or preschooler? Then you’re come to the right place! Scroll down and you will find a collection of the best math activities I’ve done with my daughter when she was 2 and 3 years old and few ones we want to do!

UPDATED… I have included EVEN more fun and easy early math activities that I created for daughter. They are all super easy to create and don’t require a lot of prep or supplies.

Learning math should be fun and these activities will help foster that in your toddler or preschooler. Before your child starts school they will start to develop their early math skills from the things they see and do everyday.

Early math skills include number sense, learning patterns, measurements and spatial sense among other things. It includes learning about shapes, problem solving as well as learning to count.

Mystery Math: A Crayon Resist Activity

Age: 4 year old +

mystery math easy math activities

Rubber Duck Math Race

Age: 4 year old +

Rubber duck race easy math activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Pom Pom Number Sweep

Age: 4 year old +

Pom Pom number sweep easy math activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Tube Counting Math Game

Age: 3 year old +

tube counting easy math activities for toddler and preschoolers

Magnetic Tile Shape Match

Age: 3 year old +

magnetic tile shape matching toddler and preschooler easy math activities

Birthday Math Sensory Bin

Find the Heart Shape Activity

Age: 2 years +

Button Sticky Arm Shape Matching

Age: 2 year old +

Button Shape Match toddlers and preschooler easy math activities

Math Sensory Bin

Age: 4 year old +

math sensory bin easy math activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Domino Counting Activity

Age: 4 year old +

Magnetic Tile Dinosaurs Puzzles

Age: 3 year old +

Missing Number Window

Age: 3 year old +


Giant Shape Painting

Age: 2 year old +


Squeeze Pouch Lid Patterns

Age: 4 year old +


Shape Sticky Wall Puzzles

Age: 3 year old +


Count & Stick Numbers

Age: 2 year old +


Fingerprint Patterns

Age: 3 year old +

Counting Hearts Sticky Wall

Age: 3 year old +


GOKI Wooden Cub Puzzle: A Pattern Matching Game

Age: 4 year old +


Numbers Spray & Water Dump

Age: 3 year old +

Pom Pom Scoop

Age: 2.5 year old +

Number Dig, Wash & Match

Age: 3 year old +

Rainbow Numbers – A missing number activity

Age: 4 year old +

rainbow numbers7

Rainbow Shape Patterns

Age: 2.5 year old +

Tube Pattern Matching

Age: 2.5 year old +

Snowman Button Counting Sticky Wall

Age: 3 year old +

Sticker Fish Counting

Shape Matching Sensory Bin

Find the Shapes by Busy Toddler

Eye Dropper Dot Counting by Teach Beside Me

Easy Preschool Counting Activity by Planning Playtime

Four Math Games with Magnatiles by Frugal Fun 4 Boys



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