Fall Tree Counting for Preschoolers

INSIDE: Fall Tree Counting preschool activity is a fun and easy fine motor counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers for Fall. Decorate a mini tree and practice counting!

Hands-on Math

We have been doing a lot of math activities over in our house recently, partly I want my preschoolers to have a strong math foundation and partly because I want them to love math.

I have a lot of fast and easy math activities on the blog but I wanted to create a few themed activities for fall. This is one activity that I first featured on my Amazon Live videos and it was well received! And when I set it up for my preschoolers and they immediately wanted to do it!

Fall Tree Counting

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Fall Tree Counting
Fall Tree Counting

How to Set Up Fall Tree Counting

Grab your brown pipe cleaners. Decided which number you want your little one to count to. Create a pipe cleaner tree with that number of branches. For instance, I started counting my fall tree counting at 4 so the first tree I created had 4 branches.

To do this I folded two pipe cleaners in half, twisted the bottom and then left the tops out to be the branches. Continue creating trees in this way using the brown pipe cleaners. To add more branches simply add either a whole pipe cleaner folded in half or one that is cut in half. I made 6 trees in all with the number of branches from four to nine.

Grab a small box, such as a shoebox and use a pair of scissors to punch 6 holes in the box. Don’t make the holes too big. You want your pipe cleaner trees to fit snuggly. Stick the bottom of your pipe cleaner trees into the box. Take a sharpie and write out the numbers from four to nine underneath the trees.

Fall Tree Counting

Grab your pony beads in all the colours of fall leaves from red, yellow, orange and brown and add them to a bowl. Invite your preschooler to count and decorate the trees using the pony beads.

How to Play with Fall Tree Counting

First, I had my preschooler identify the number underneath the tree and then count the number of branches. Then I invited him to decorate each branch of the tree with one coloured pony bead.

Fall Tree Counting
Fall Tree Counting

Age Suitability

This activity is good for kids 3 years and up. My kids are 3.5, 3.5, and 7 year old.


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  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • red, yellow, organge and brown pony bead
  • small box
  • scissors
  • sharpie

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Fall Tree Counting

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