100+ Awesome Fall Activities for Kids

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50+ fun and creative Fall activities for toddlers or preschoolers! This amazing list has everything from Fall STEM, fine motor, math and more!

As the air turns crisp and leaves start to show off their brilliant hues, it’s time to embrace all the warmth and coziness that the fall season brings. It’s the perfect backdrop to create delightful memories with the little ones! We’ve put together a roundup of fall activities that promise not just bursts of laughter but also tons of learning sprinkled with fun. From the simplest crafts to activities that satisfy the most curious of minds, there’s something here for every child to enjoy. So, let’s make this fall unforgettable with activities that every kiddo will fall in love with!


This wonderful Fall activity resource is broken down into 7 sections:

  1. Fall Crafts;
  2. Fall Sensory Bins;
  3. Fine Motor Activities;
  4. Math Activities;
  5. Letter Recognition Activities;
  6. Colour Sorting Activities; and
  7. STEAM Activities.

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OK, are you ready to welcome in Fall? I hope you will enjoy all of these amazing Fall activities for kids from some amazing blogs!

50+ Easy Fall Activities for Toddlers and Preschooler

Fall Crafts

As the trees don an enchanting array of reds, oranges, and yellows, it’s the perfect cue to bring out the crafting supplies and add a sprinkle of that autumn magic to your home. In our fall crafts section, we’ve got a treasure trove of ideas that are just waiting to be discovered by little hands eager to create. Find additional Fall Arts & Crafts here.

Fork Painted Apple Craft

If you’re on the hunt for a craft that’s easy to set up and engaging for young hands, our Fork Painted Apple Craft is sure to be a hit.

Dry Leaves Fall Tree Craft With Free Tree Template

We have just the thing to kickstart your child’s seasonal artwork – our fabulous dry leaves fall tree craft with free tree templates!

Straw Painted Fall Tree Craft

Get ready to sprinkle a dash of creative fun into your little one’s day with our straw painted fall tree craft!

Back-To-School Coloring Pages

Gear up for a blast of creative brilliance with our Back-To-School coloring pages that capture the excitement of heading back to school!

Fantastic Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

Our Fall Coloring Pages for Kids are a wonderful way to immerse kids in the beauty of fall, just print and let their creativity flourish.

Leaf Fox Craft For Kids

When the leaves start to change and the air turns crisp, celebrate the season by turning a fallen maple leaf into an adorable fox craft?

Leaf Painting with Kids

Leaf painting is a fantastic way to combine the beauty of the outdoors with artistic expression. Try these two methods!

Leaf Printed Squirrel Craft

Fall is here, and it’s the best time to get a little messy with some vibrant colors and cool craft projects like Leaf-Printed Squirrel Craft!

Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Tissue Paper Apple Craft is a fun and easy fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers using tissue paper and water! 

2 Adorable Hedgehog Crafts for Kids

These are such adorable Hedgehog crafts for kids. Your preschooler will have lots of fun making and playing with these fluffy hedgehogs!

Broccoli Painted Fall Tree Craft with free printable

Broccoli Painted Fall Tree Craft is a fun and easy way to craft this Fall. Create a colourful tree using broccoli!

Puffy Paint Apple Craft for kids

Puffy Paint Apple Craft is fun and easy fall craft for kids! An amazing sensory craft for toddlers and preschoolers and kids alike!

Fall Tree in a Box Craft for Kids

One of the best part of fall is watching the leaves fall with every gust of wind. Recreate this in box with our Fall Tree In a Box Craft!

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

This paper plate pumpkin craft is a great Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers! Create a cute pumpkin with tissue paper!

Pom Pom Fall Tree Craft with Free Tree Printable

Pom Pom Fall Tree is a fun and easy way to craft this fall. Create a colourful fall tree with Pom Poms using my free tree printable! 

Apple Sponge Stamping Craft

Apple sponge stamping is a great alternative to apple stamping with real apples this fall! Make apple stamps and eat the yummy apples!

Bubble Wrap Pumpkin Craft

Bubble Wrap Pumpkin Craft is a fun and easy way to craft this Halloween. Create a textured pumpkin using bubble wrap! Its a great way to get your little ones to try new ways of painting!

Easy Pom Pom Leaf Resist Art for Fall

Pom Pom Leaf Resist Art is a fun and easy craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Use real leafs to make a colourful art for fall!

Acorn Painted Squirrel Craft with Free Template

Acorn Painted squirrel craft is an adorable and easy fall craft! A fun gross motor painted craft for kids of all ages to try this fall.

Pumpkin Seed Fall Tree Craft

Save those pumpkin seeds for this fun and easy Pumpkin Seed Fall Tree Craft. It’s the perfect autumn craft for kids of all ages!

Coffee Filter Apple Craft

Coffee Filter Apple Craft is a fun Fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers. A fun fine motor craft idea using dot markers!

Paint Splat Pumpkin Craft for Kids

This easy paper plate craft is perfect for Halloween. Make a Paint Splat Pumpkin Craft with you toddler or preschooler this Fall! 

Puffy Paint Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Puffy Paint Pumpkin Craft is fun and easy fall craft for kids! An amazing sensory craft for toddlers and preschoolers and kids alike! 

Fall Sensory Bins

Sensory activities hold a special place in the developmental journey of a child, nurturing curiosity and honing fine motor skills through touch, sight, smell, and even sound. In our carefully curated section of fall sensory activities, we invite your little ones to experience the autumn season through a rich tapestry of textures, colors, and natural elements, crafting a playground of learning that is as vibrant and colorful as fall itself. Find additional Fall Sensory Bin here.

Apple Washing Station: An Easy Fall Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Apple washing activity is a fun and super easy activity to set up for Fall! Perfect way to keep your toddler or preschooler busy this fall

Apple Bubble Foam Sensory Bin

Apple Bubble Foam Sensory Bin is a fun and ‘clean’ sensory bin for toddlers and preschool for Fall. Super easy to set up and a great way to keep them busy!

Fall Nature Hike Sensory Bin

Fall Nature Hike Sensory Bin is a beautiful sensory experience for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a mini outdoor sensory bin with all the colours of Fall! 

Magnetic Apple Sorting Sensory Bin

Magnetic Apple Sorting Sensory Bin is a fun sorting and STEM sensory bin for toddlers and preschool. It is a great sensory activity for Fall.

Autumn Bubble Foam Sensory Bin

Create this fun bubble foam sensory bin for your toddler or preschooler this Fall! It’s super simple to set up and a great way to explore all the colours of Fall!

Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Create a jack-o-lantern in this super fun scoop and pour coloured rice sensory bin. It’s a great not-so-scary Halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Pumpkin Scoop Sensory Bin

Let your toddler or preschooler scoop and pour in this mini pumpkin sensory bin this fall or Halloween for a great fine motor activity!

How to Make Apple Pie Oobleck for Fall

This apple pie oobleck is a fun and easy sensory activity for kids! A super inexpensive kitchen science experiment to try this fall!

Sunflower Tea Party Sensory Bin for Fall

Introducing the Sunflower Tea Party Sensory Bin. It’s a radiant blend of play, education, and a whole lot of sunshiny goodness.

Autumn Tea Party Sensory Bin for Fall

Autumn is a season that brings colour, sights and smells. Why not bring that tactile wonder indoors with this Autumn Tea Party sensory bin?

Fine Motor Activities for Fall

As little hands navigate through the exciting journey of discovery and learning, fine motor activities play a pivotal role in their development. When you pair that with the warm and vibrant palette of fall, what you get is a treasure trove of activities that not only nurture their skills but also fuel their imagination.

Hedgehog Hiding In the Grass: Cutting Activity

Engage your child’s imagination while teaching scissors skills with our Hedgehog in the Grass cutting activity!

Cardboard Fall Nature Puzzle For Toddlers & Preschoolers

One delightful activity that combines the beauty of autumn with a fun and educational twist is the Fall Natural Puzzle.

Cotton Pad Owl Craft for Kids

Cotton Pad owl craft is a cute craft using cotton pads and coloured water. This easy to set up idea is a fun activity for Fall!

Fall Sensory Tree: A Fun Scoop and Pour Activity

Embrace the spirit of fall with this enticing and educational sensory activity that engages all the senses – the Fall Sensory Tree!

Spaghetti Pumpkin Cutting Activity for Kids

Make a spaghetti pumpkin cutting activity for your child and let them practice cutting the strands of colourful spaghetti this Halloween!

Leaf Cutting Tray

Fall has to be one of my favourite seasons. The air grows crisp, the colours turn vibrant and I get to wear cozy knits and sweaters! If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the leaves change colour and fall take advantage of it with your little one with this easy scissor skills activity.

Acorn Slides: A Fine Motor Fall Activity

Set up this fun fine motor activity for your toddler or preschooler this Fall. Its super simple to set up and a great way to entertain your toddler after going on an Autumn walk.

Bury the Acorns: An Easy Fall Activity for Toddlers

Create this super fun and easy toddler Fall activity using acorns. It is an amazing sensory play activity for little hands!

Cotton Ball Apple Tree 

Cotton Ball Apple Tree Craft is a fun and easy fine motor apple craft for preschoolers and kindergartners. It is a great Fall activity!

Fall Cutting Activity

This Leaf Cutting Activity is super simple to create and makes a great scissors skills activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Leaf Matching Activity for Preschoolers

Let’s embark on a leaf-matching adventure that promises not just giggles and fun but a rich learning experience.


More Fall Fine Motor Activities

Math Activities for Fall

Welcome to our fall math activities segment, a cozy corner where numbers meet playful autumn-themed games and crafts.

Pumpkin Shapes Sticky Wall

Create a fun and easy early math shapes sticky wall for your toddler or preschooler this Halloween! It’s a wonderful way to practice shape recognition.

Apple Seed Sensory Bag: Easy Counting Activity

As the season unfolds, bring a bit of that apple magic indoors with this hands-on educational activity- Apple Seed Counting Sensory Bag!

Cotton Ball Apple Tree Counting Activity 

Cotton Ball Apple Tree Counting Activity is a fun hands-on math activity for preschoolers. It also a great way to practice fine motor skills.

Leaf Counting Wands

Leaf Counting Wands is a simple counting activity for Fall or anytime of the year!Create Leaf wands as a way to practice counting with your toddler or preschooler.

Acorn Counting for Toddlers

Acorn counting for toddlers and preschoolers is a fun and easy counting activity for your little one this Fall! It’s an amazing way to incorporate math to your child’s daily play!

More Fall Math Activities

Fall Letter Recognition Activities

Fall is the ideal moment to introduce the little ones to the magical world of letters through thematic fall activities. Picture this: a quiet afternoon with letters crafted from twigs or beautiful leaf alphabets gracing your living room.

Leaf Names Sensory Bin for Fall

Ready to combine the magic of fall with a dash of fun and learning? Let’s create a Leaf Name Sensory Bin with your kids this fall!

Pumpkin Patch Letter Hunt: Halloween and Fall Sensory Bag

Pumpkin Patch Letter Hunt Sensory Bag is a fun and easy fine motor letter recognition for toddlers and preschoolers for Fall.

Leaf Letter Match Sticky Wall for Preschoolers

Practice letters this fall with this colourful leaf letter sticky wall. Create leaf letters on fallen leaves and match them on a sticky wall.

Leaf Letter Tracing Sticky Wall: Fun Learning with a Fall Twist

As the leaves start to fall we’ve got a fresh and fun learning activity perfect for the season: the Leaf Letter Tracing Sticky Wall.

Fall Tree Letter Match Preschool Activity

Fall Tree Letter Match preschool activity is a fun literacy activity. Easy to set up activity while you make dinner!

Letter Aa Sticky Wall Craft

Letter Aa for apple sticky wall is a fun and easy activity for toddlers and preschoolers and a great way to practice letter recognition.

Leaf Letters

 Leaf Letters is a fun no-prep fall activity for toddlers and preschoolers. This is a great outdoor literacy activity for a warm fall day!

Mini-Pumpkin Letter Match

Mini pumpkin letter match is a fun and festive fall letter recognition activity for preschoolers. This great fine motor activity will keep them busy learning this Fall!

Leaf Names: A Fall Name Recognition Activity

Let your little one practice recognizing their names with this fun Fall Leaf Name Activity. It is a great way to extend the Leaf Cutting Tray activity!

Magnetic Letter Leaf Match

Set up this great magnetic letter match activity for your toddler or preschooler this Fall. It’s a fun way to combine freshly fallen leaves and learning!

Leaf Letter Stamp


More Fall Letter Activities

Fall Colouring Sorting Activities

Oh, the vibrant canvas of fall, it’s a parade of colors just waiting to be explored! And what better way to celebrate this kaleidoscope of hues than with color sorting activities designed just for your little one?

Fall Colors Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Embrace the vibrant hues of autumn with our Fall Colours Sensory Bin, a fun and educational activity tailored for toddlers and preschoolers!

Fall Colour Sorting Sensory Bin

Learn and practice the colours of Fall with this fun and easy colour sorting sensory bin! It’s a great sensory activity for your toddler or preschooler this Autumn. 

Fall STEM Activities

Fall is like a science experiment come to life; leaves changing color, the cool breeze introducing a new season, and the natural world transitioning into a stage of hibernation. It’s the ideal setting to sprinkle a little scientific wonder into your child’s playtime. In our fall science activities section, we’ve curated a list of experiments and explorations that are not just easy and safe to conduct at home, but are also packed with learning and fun. Find additional Fall STEM Experiments here.

Pumpkins & Tubes: A Fall STEM Activity

This is the easiest Fall STEM activity ever! All you need is cardboard tubes and mini pumpkins and seasonal gourds! Build, knock them down, repeat! 

Leaf Oobleck

Create a fun and messy Fall sensory play activity using oobleck and freshly fallen leaves. It’s super easy sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Apple Volcano Science Experiment

Fizzy Apple Volcanoes: Easy STEM Fun is a fun and easy fizzy science experiment for kids! This simple to set up STEM activity is the perfect activity for home or in the classroom this fall. 

Autumn Slime Goop Sensory Bin

Create a fun Autumn slime goop sensory bin for your little one using Gelli Baff! It’s easy to make, fun to play with and the clean up is simple!

Fizzy Pumpkin Science Experiment for Halloween

Fizzy Pumpkin Science Experiment is a fun and easy fizzy science experiment for kids! This simple to set up STEM activity for Halloween.

Pumpkin Guts Slime Recipe for Kids

Check out this super easy to make Pumpkin Guts Slime! The perfect Halloween sensory play idea for kids of all ages.

  • Popping Corn – Left Brain Craft Brain

More Fall STEM Activities

Age Suitability

This activity is good for toddlers aged children 3 years old and up with adult assistance.

Mess Level

The mess level for this activity is low.

Difficulty to Create 


Skills Developed

Language development, shape recognition, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, imaginative play, creativity.

Toddler and Preschooler Curriculums, Books & TV Show!

Play2Learn Toddler & Preschool Programs for Curious Toddlers

There is no limit to your toddler’s energy and curiosity. That energy and curiosity although a joy can be challenging at times. Their interest in just about everything around them is what makes them great learners. One and two year olds can soak up so much just from their senses!

But as a teacher or parent that thirst for learning can be exhausting. That is why I created this toddler and preschooler program. To help you get the most out of this time with your curious toddler without having to come up with creative ways to play and interact with them.

Play2Learn for Toddlers includes 20 Units for toddlers. Each 2-week toddler unit has 20 super easy to set up and engaging activities for toddlers 18 months to 3 years.

Play2Learn Preschool which includes 20 Units for preschoolers. Each 2-week preschoolers unit has 20 unique and easy to set up and engaging activities for preschoolers 3 years to 5 years. That’s over 800 learning activities for your toddler and preschooler at your fingertips! So many ideas you and your child will never be bored again! 

These toddler and preschool lesson plans and activities will definitely keep you and your toddler and preschooler busy playing and learning!

Click here for more information: Play2Learn

Designed for toddlers 18 months and up.

Book: Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids

Did you know I wrote a book of sensory bins? Click here for more information Exciting Sensory Bin for Curious Kids. Or grab your copy at Amazon

Boring afternoons are made exciting with awesome animal-based bins, like Salty Shark Bay or Yarn Farm. Pretend play bins like Birthday Cake Sensory Play or Bubble Tea Party encourage creativity and imagination. And your kids will have so much fun they won’t even know they’re getting smarter with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities like Sink or Float Soup, Magnetic Letter Hunt or Ice Cream Scoop and Count.

Designed for toddlers 18 months and up.

Book: Super STEAM Activity Book for Kids

Learning all about science, technology, engineering, art, and math sets kids up for scholastic success―and it can be so much fun! Watch kids enjoy building STEAM skills as they color friendly fish, help water find its way to tree roots, solve math problems with mazes, and more. 

Find out more and grab your copy here.

Designed for preschoolers 3 years old and up.

Book: Big Book of Riddles for Kids

Riddle me this: What’s an exciting way to practice critical thinking while having a blast? The Big Riddle Book for Kids, of course! From hilarious puns to tough brain teasers, kids can build problem-solving skills with hundreds of riddles tha. t show them how to think outside the box.

  • 350 riddles for kids—Have hours of fun with riddles, puns and jokes, and math and logic puzzles that’ll get their wheels turning!
  • Level up their skills—Riddles get trickier as kids progress through the book, challenging them as they get better at solving puzzles!
  • Double-check their work—Kids can check their answers in the back of the book with a handy answer key.

Help children expand their minds while having fun with this puzzle book for kids!

Designed for kids ages 6 years old and up.

TV Show: Curious Crafting

I’m so excited to share my crafting TV show Curious Crafting which launched in July 2022 on TVOkids and TVOkids YouTube! Season 2 aired in August 2023! My show was also nominated in 2023 for Best Live Action Preschool Series by the Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence.

Curious Crafting Season 1 is also now airing in Australia on ABC! Watch it here!

Set in the ultimate crafting space, Curious Crafting is a short form pre-school age series about the joy of making crafts. I lead a rotating cast of adorable little preschoolers (including my own) making magic out of common household objects.

In each episode we transform recycled items into magical crafts like a milk carton school bus, paper bag puppet or cotton pad turtle. The crafters learn and laugh their way through each activity while demonstrating what their young imaginations can create. 

Curious Crafting shares the adventure and joy of making art with takeaway lessons for creating crafts at home.

This show designed for toddlers and preschoolers 2.5 years old and up. 

The Best Sensory Play Kits for Kids

Play is at the core of learning during the early years and it can take many forms. One of the most important of these is sensory play because it engages all of a child’s senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing) and has a enoumous positive impact on brain development.

Our Sensory Play Kits are some fun and easy ways to keep your child engaged while at the same time using sensory play to nurture their mind!

Shop our ready made play kits here.

Designed for preschoolers 3 years old and up.


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