Sticker Fish Counting

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Sticker fish counting is a fun dot sticker math activity for toddlers. It’s a great indoor fine motor game to keep your little one busy and learning!

Dot stickers have quickly become a fan favorite with my 23 month old twins. If I happen to leave them lying around on our craft table and they find they will insist on doing an activity with them. That is pretty much how this fun and easy activity was born!

Sticker Fish Counting toddler dot sticker math activity

But it’s not that much of a surprise that my twins love dot stickers. Stickers in general are a toddler parent’s best friend. I remember I used to go to the dollar store when my first daughter was a toddler and buy hundreds of stickers to keep her entertained for a few precious minutes.

I wish I knew them what I know now, that all I needed were dot stickers! Not only are they are great just for fun but they also make learning fun and simple.

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Here’s how to set up Sticker Fish Counting.


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Sticker Fish Counting toddler dot sticker math activity

On a sheet of white paper I drew five small fish. Now I may be a creative mom but I am no artist! I used the amazing how to draw step by step pictures they have on Pinterest to draw my fish.

Your fish don’t need to be fancy. I made mine a little fancy simply because I was taking pictures of them for the blog. If I was doing this activity with my toddlers and not taking photos I would have drawn very simple fish. So please draw simple fish and use your time to do something else!

Once I finished the fish, I drew bubbles coming from the fish’s mouth. Next, I glued foam numbers 1 to 5 beside each fish, corresponding to the number of bubbles coming from the fish mouth.

Sticker Fish Counting toddler dot sticker math activity

Finally, I invited my toddlers to count the number of bubbles on each fish and read the numbers beside each fish. One of my little guys is still learning to count so we took it slow and I repeated everything several times.

Next, I invited them to count and stick dot stickers on the bubbles. Of course my toddlers loved this right away. They stick the dot stickers on the bubbles but also wanted to stick them on their eyes and fins.


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