Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Christmas Tree Sensory Bag is a fun and easy mess free sensory activity toddlers and preschoolers. Decorate a Christmas tree in this creative fine motor sensory activity.

Making sensory bag is one of my favouitite sensory activity (other than sensory bins of course). The reason why I love them so much is because they are mess free!! And when you have two toddlers that is definitely something I have to consider when doing a sensory activity. This adorable Christmas tree sensory bag was a favourite with my twins!

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Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Create a Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Grab your large freezer bag or ziplock bag. Use an alcohol wipe to remove the label on the front. Use a black sharpie to draw the outline of a Christmas tree with a star on top. Draw small circle shapes hanging off the tree to represent the Christmas lights.

Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

TIP: if you make a mistake on your drawing using the black sharpie you can use your alcohol wipe to correct the mistake.

Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Use your paint sticks to colour in the tree and star. Let the paint dry on the ziplock bag and then go over it again in order to make the colour more vibrant.

Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

NOTE: turn the side with the tree painted on down on the table. That way your little one can still see it the colourful tree and decorate it without the paint rubbing off.

If you don’t turn the tree side down there may be some colour transfer (i.e the colour may come off) of the paint sticks as your child plays. So you may need to reapply the colour after they are complete for the next time, if you don’t turn the picture side down.

Pour some clear hair gel or clear hand soap into the sensory bag. I don’t usually measure how much I use but a good rule of thumb is to pour enough that you can spread it all around. Add some gold or green glitter.

Remove all the air from the bag and seal it carefully. Ensure that it won’t open by sealing it with duct tape.

Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Turn a laundry basket upside down and they you can tape the sensory bag to the bottom of a laundry basket using duct tape for your toddler or preschooler.

How to use your Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

Invite your toddler or preschooler to use their fingers to move the lights into the small circles you drew in order to decorate the tree!

Ask them to find certain colours. You can also ask them to find all the purple lights or all the green ones. Ask them to find 3 red lights and 2 yellow ones.


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