Christmas Tubes

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Sensory bins (especially easy ones) are the best for keeping toddlers and preschoolers occupied and since I am six months pregnant with twins this Holiday season, I did a lot of really easy and fun sensory bins with my preschooler.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Set Up

Gather all your supplies. Place a plastic table cloth or sheet down in order to catch stray bin contents. Pour the dried split peas into the sensory bin and add the fresh cranberries on top.


Then add the bowls, containers and measuring cups. Tape a few cardboard tubes to the side of the sensory bin. Leave a few free inside the bin.


This was an instant hit! My preschooler immediately started to separate the cranberries from the split peas and pour them down the cardboard slides.


She filled up the tubes with cranberries and split peas. Using both her hands and the measuring cups.


Her favourite container to use was the squeeze bottle. She would fill it up with cranberries and then use it to pour them out in the tubes.


Great Activity

This was such a fun activity for my three year old (and for me too). What you don’t see in these pictures is me lying down beside her playing. It was glorious!


Clean Up

After she was done playing, we collected all the cranberries and put them in the fridge so that they could be played with another day. I actually left the split peas in the bin over night so that she could play with it again the next day (and the next!).


Sensory Bin Rules

I have to admit, the older my daughter has gotten the more relaxed I am with the sensory bins rules. I always remind her to keep the play inside the bin. But she often likes to play with the materials just outside the bin. If she does this, the new rule is that she has to clean it up (with my help) when she is done.


I usually let her play on a hard wooden surface which makes clean up easier that on carpet. But if you are concerned about the mess lay down a plastic table cloth or a sheet before you little one starts to play. That way you can let them enjoy their play without worrying about the mess!



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