Pom Pom Painted Snowflake

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Here is a fun winter craft that your toddler or preschooler can paint. Create an unique snowflake using pom poms!

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Easy Directions to Make a Pom Pom Snowflake

Gather your supplies. Using the scissors cut out six thin strips out of the blue construction paper. Then cut three of those strips into four equally sized smaller pieces.

Using the glue attached the large strips together to form the base of the snowflake. Then attached the small pieces of paper to the ends of each part of the snowflake using the glue.

Attach a clothes pin to a white pom pom and dip it into the white paint and dad it all along the snowflake to create a unique pattern.

Tell your little one that no two snowflakes are alike so they have to make their own unique and special snowflake however they choose.

Fine Motor Painting

This winter craft idea is a great way to strengthen and work on those important fine motor skills.

Once the paint has dried on your snowflake you can hang it up or create a few more and glue them to a sheet of white paper to create a winter wonderland.

Fun and Easy Winter Craft!

This was a fun and easy winter craft that is perfect for those occasional snow days or really chilly afternoons that need to be spent inside.


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