Snowman Sticker Sort

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Snowman sticker sort is a fun colour sorting activity using dot stickers! This simple to set up toddler activity is a great way to learn when you are stuck indoors!

Snowman Sticker Sort winter toddler activity indoor activity

I am a huge fan of dot sticker activities and you’ll find a ton of them on my blog. They are great tools for learning colours, numbers, letters you name it! I have used them with my toddlers and my kindergartner.

I was first introduced to dot stickers as a kids’ activity supply by Susie from Busy Toddler. She has a ton of fun and easy learning dot sticker activities as well that you should check out!


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Snowman Sticker Sort winter toddler activity indoor activity

Here’s how I set up snowman sticker sort.

This fun snowman colour stickers activity was something that I set up quickly during our activity hour in the morning. Please forgive how horrendous my snowmen look! I am no artist! But I have to say, my twin toddlers thought they were quite amazing!

Snowman Sticker Sort winter toddler activity indoor activity

To set this activity up, I literally did it while my twins watched. I taped a sheet of white paper up on the wall using masking tape and broke out my coloured sharpies (my other babies!) and drew a red, yellow, blue and green snowmen. As I drew them my twins asked so many questions and pointed and talked about what I was doing.

 winter toddler activity indoor activity

We talked about the colours of each snowman and all the different features like their eyes, nose, mouth. Finally I draw hats on each snowman and I was done. I contemplated drawing scarves on each of them but stopped myself because I knew I had already reached the end of my artistic abilities!

 winter toddler activity indoor activity

No matter, my twins were ready to get on with the activity anyways so I handed them a sheet of dot stickers. Before I did, I removed the paper around the stickers so that it was easier for them to remove the stickers.

I am not sure exactly what you call that part of the sticker sheet but you know what I mean. With dot stickers it comes off easily. In fact after seeing me to it once my daughter started doing it herself!

Snowman Sticker Sort winter toddler activity indoor activity

I invited my twins to stick the coloured dot stickers on the correct snowman. I called out the colours as they did. They throughly enjoyed this one! This dot sticker activity is a wonderful fine motor activity as well as being a great colour recognition one.


Snowman Sticker Sort winter toddler activity indoor activity

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