DIY Tie-Dye Christmas Cards

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INSIDE: Looking for a unique DIY Christmas cards? Check out these fun and adorable tie-dye Christmas card ideas. Create a cute snowman and Christmas tree with tie dye decorations and details! This is an amazing craft to do with older preschoolers and kindergartners.

DIY Tie-Dye Snowman and Christmas Tree Cards

How to Make A Tie Dye Snowman and Christmas Tree Cards

  1. Make the tie dye

    Grab a muffin and fill each section with a small amount of water. The add a few drops of food colouring into each section. The more food colouring more vibrant the colour will be.

  2. Wrap the paper towel

    Grab a sheet of paper towel and elastic bands. Fold the paper towel and the wrap the elastic bands around it. Fold the paper towel in different ways (ie. lengthwise or diagonal) and wrap the elastic bands in different ways as well each time to create a new and unique tie dye pattern.

  3. Add colour

    Slowly dip one small section of the wrapped paper towel into one the coloured water. Adjust the position and dip an uncolored section into the coloured water. Continue until the entire wrapped paper towel is coloured.

  4. Unwrap the paper towel

    Slowly and carefully unwrap (remove the elastic bands) the coloured paper towel to reveal your tie dye print. Be careful not to tear the paper towel as you unwrap as it will be damp.

  5. Set out to dry

    Lay your tie dye paper towel on a flat surface to dry.

  6. Make the Snowman Card

    While the tie dye paper towel dries, make the snowman or Christmas tree card (see below). Fold a piece of black, red or green construction paper in half to make a card.

    Out of white construction paper, cut one large circle for the body and one larger circle for the body. Glue it to the front of your card. Cut out an orange triangle for the nose and glue it to the top of the snowman.

  7. Make the Christmas Trees Cards

    Fold a piece of black, red or green construction paper in half to make a card.

    Out of green construction paper, cut three triangles for Christmas trees and glue them to the front of the construction paper.

    From yellow construction paper, cut three stars for the tops of the Christmas tree. Attached them to the top of the Christmas trees using glue.

  8. Cut out Scarf and Christmas Tree Decorations

    Once your tie dye paper towels are dry, cut out the shape of a scarf for the snowman and decorations for Christmas trees.

  9. Attach Scarf or Tree Decorations

    Use tape (double sided if available) to stick the tie dye tie on the construction paper shirt. Or you can use a glue stick to attach the tie dye scarf to the snowman or decorations to the Christmas tree.

  10. Merry Christmas/ Happy Holiday Message

    Have your child write a Happy Holiday message inside the card if they are able or you can write something for them!

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