Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

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INSIDE: Diversity Beans: Anti-Racism Sensory Bin is a fun way to start the conversation of race with your toddler or preschoolers! Remember it is never too early to talk about racism, toddlers and preschoolers understand fairness and are keenly aware of differences very early on.

Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

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Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

How to set up the Diversity Bean Sensory Bin

To set up this sensory bin pour the bean mixture (see Supplies below) into a sensory bin. Add bowls and scoopers and other containers. Then take your diversity construction paper in different skin tones and roll them up to make skin tone tubes to pour the beans down. Secure the rolled up tubes with clear tape or glue.

Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

What to Talk About with your Toddler or Preschooler

The most important part of this activity is the conversation that you have with your toddler or preschooler. It will be uncomfortable. I was for and is for me too. But its important and the more you have these conversations with your child the easier they will become. You will also be amazed by how receptive they are. I know I was.

Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

The conversations you will have with your toddler or preschooler will differ depending on who you and your child are. For instance, for me and my twins we talked about our family. As they scooped out the beans I asked them if they could find a bean that is the same colour as they are; one a similar colour as me and one that was similar to daddy. My family is not the typical family; we have a diverse array of colours in our home talking about colour means talking about us.

But if that is not the case for your family, you can talk about your community while your toddler or preschooler is playing. Ask them to pick out beans that are the same colour as they are, you and the rest of your family. Ask them to think of someone in their life that is a different colour. Can they find a bean that matches their colour?

Keep it Simple

At this stage I don’t use the term racism with my twins (2.5 years old). Instead I talked about the difference in our skin colours and that both are beautiful and good. That are all lovely and lovable. I also talked about other qualities that we all have including things we all have in common. Highlighting these differences along with highlighting our similarities. The fact that these differences are what make us unique and beautiful.

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Diversity Beans Anti-Racism Sensory Bin

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