Easter Egg Boat Craft for Kids

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Create a simple Easter egg boat craft for a fun and creative water play during the summer or at bath time! It’s the perfect way to use and play with plastic Easter eggs!

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After Easter I always have a ton of Easter eggs left over. I love using the plastic eggs in crafts and activities and this boat activity was a great way to use the eggs.

How to create Easter Egg Boat Craft

  1. Use your scissors to cut straws so that they are about 4 inches long.
  2. Cut small triangles or squares out of the foam sheets using your scissors. These will become your sails. Use a ruler to ensure the sides of the triangle and square are straight and equal. This will help to maintain the balance of your egg boats
  3. Use a single hole punch to make two holes in the sail. Use ruler to ensure the holes are in a straight line.
  4. Grab your plastic Easter egg and glue gun. {TO BE DONE BY AN ADULT}. Put a small dab of hot glue on the top of the Easter egg and stick the cut straw in the glue. This will become your mast. Set it aside to dry.
  5. Once dry, use the glue gun to seal up the small holes in the top and bottom of the Easter egg. Use only a small amount of glue to seal the holes.
  6. Slide the foam triangle or square sail down the mast to create the sail on your egg boat.
  7. Close the egg tightly.

Trouble Shooting

Your egg boats aren’t going to be perfect boats (they are eggs after all!) but they should sail upright the majority of the time. Occasionally, we had to adjust our boats and place them back up right or fix the sail as they got wet. Place your egg boats in water if they do not float up right try these tips to fix them.

  1. Make sure water is not leaking into the egg through the center. If it is you may need to seal it more carefully or with tape or the glue gun or choose another egg.
  2. Add weight to your boat to help balance it. Add a few small heavy items like screws or bolts inside the egg to help keep the egg balanced. If you add to many they may make the egg boat sink you’ve added too much. Play with the amount of screws or nuts to achieve the best results.

How to play with your Easter Egg Boat Craft

You can play with your Easter egg boats either in a sensory bin or in the bath! Fill a sensory bin with about 4 inches of water and place your egg boats in the water. If you go outside watch the breeze blow them around. Use a straw or just your breath to blow them.

Have a race! Choose a coloured egg boat and place them all to one side of the sensory bin. See which one the wind carries to the other end first. You can also do this using a straw and your breath.

Easter egg sail boat craft

Place the egg boats in the bath and play all the same games!

Easter egg sail boat craft

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Easter egg sail boat craft

Z is 5 years old. N and A are twins. They are 25 months old.

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Easter egg sail boat craft

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2 comments on “Easter Egg Boat Craft for Kids”

  1. So, I have to put glue all over the seal of the egg? And then why does it say to close the egg at the end. Isn’t it already closed?

    1. Avatar photo

      Some Easter eggs have holes at either ends. If yours doesn’t then you don’t need to seal it. You just want the egg to be air tight.