Easter Egg Soup Sensory Bin

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This easy to set up sensory bin is a lot of fun for toddlers and preschoolers but it is also fun and engaging for kindergarten aged children as well.

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Here’s how to set it up Easter Soup Sensory Bin

Gather your supplies. For colouring mixing activities like this I like to use our IKEA popsicle mold. The rack and containers are the perfect size for experimenting with coloured water.

First, I added a drop of food colouring into each popsicle mold and fillED it with water.

Then I filled the entire sensory bin with water and plastic Easter eggs. I added funnels, measuring cups, and a soup spoon. I also added a few colourful bowls and containers and then let my 4.5 year old play!

Pretend Play

This was such a hit with my 4.5 year old. In fact she was the inspiration for it. She asked for a water sensory bin and Easter Soup was born!

But what makes this activity amazing is that she gets to use her imagination. And that is why sensory bins are fabulous for bigger kids as well as for smaller children. In fact I find the older my once happy toddler gets the more engaged she is with sensory bins. She loves when I join her still but is totally fine to play on her own!

Colour Mixing

One of the unique and fun things about this sensory bin is the colouring mixing part! It is a great opportunity to talk about colours and what colours appears when you mix two different colours together.

Plastic Easter Eggs

The plastic Easter eggs also make great tools for mixing and pretend play!

Lots of Fun

My four year old loved this activity. Although, my kindergartner is pretty good about keeping the contents of the sensory bin in the bin, the coloured water did occasionally get splashed. For younger toddlers you can skip the colour mixing portion of the activity all together and just put a drop of food colouring into the sensory bin itself. Also make sure to dress them appropriately! Food colouring can stain clothing!


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