Feed the Ghost Fine Motor Activity

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Feed the Ghost is a fun Halloween fine motor activity for toddlers using recycled materials and pom poms! It’s makes a wonderful not too scary Halloween activity for little ones!

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

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Making a Hungry Ghost

Rinse and clean out your empty Lysol wipes container thoroughly. Remove the label. Take a back sharpie and draw the face of a ghost on the outside of the containers.

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

Don’t worry if you aren’t the greatest artist! I guarantee you, your little one will not mind a bit! They will love this activity not matter what the ghost looks like!

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

Sort out the black and orange pom poms. You can also add purple and green pom poms for a collection of Halloween colours.

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

Next, invite your toddler to feed the ghost – who is very hungry.

My toddlers love it when I get excited about the background story for imaginative activities such as this one. It helps them get excited and therefore more engaged with the activity.

I told them that the ghost is very very hungry and that it was their job to feed it. 

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

I demonstrated how to feed the ghost by dropping a pom pom through the top of the container. My twin toddlers immediately understood what to do and started to eagerly feed the ghost!

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

It was an instant hit!

Other Ways to Play Feed the Ghost

For older toddlers you can tell them that the ghost is a very picky eater and that it only like black pom poms and then have them sort through the pom poms to only feed them the black ones.

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

Once they complete that, you can know say, “Oh guess what? The ghost now suddenly really likes purple pom poms! Can you feed him only the purple ones?”.

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

This allows you to turn this simple Halloween activity into a wonderful colour sorting activity!

Skill Development Opportunities

Feed the Ghost is a wonderful activity that works on the following skills Fine Motor, Colour Recognition, Language and Vocabulary Development, Hand-Eye Coordination, Problem Solving, Trial & Error, Visual Perception and Imaginative Play.

feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

Age Suitability

This activity is ideal for 18 month old toddlers to 2 year old toddlers. Pom Poms are small so if you child still puts things in their mouth and you choose to do this activity, please keep a close eye on them!


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  • Black and orange Pom Poms
  • Black Sharpie
  • Empty and cleaned out Lysol wipes container


feed the ghost fine motor Halloween Activity

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      When she shows interest you can try her with any activity that doesn’t involve small things that she can put in her mouth. Try my baby sticky wall activities like baby ring grab or puzzle grab. Try the pea sensory bag. Try baby safe finger painting with her hands.