Fridge Ten-Frame Game

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Here is a great ten-frame game for kindergartners that is simple to set up on your fridge! It’s a great way to incorporate math learning at home!

ten-frame game for kindergartners

What is a Ten-Frame?

A ten-frame is a simple tool that allows young children to visualize numbers graphically. For more information on what a ten-frame is and how to best you use it check out this post.

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Fridge Ten-Frame Game Set Up

  1. Using painter’s tape create a ten-frame on your fridge. Create 2 rows of with 5 boxes as shown below.
  2. Count out 6 magnetic tiles in two different colours and set them beside the fridge along with your dice in dice. If you don’t have a dice in dice you can use a regular dice and just roll it twice.
ten-frame game for kindergartners

How to play Ten-Frame Game

Invite your kindergartner to roll the dice in dice. If you are using a dice in dice it will land so that there are two numbers visible. Have them count the number on the larger outside dice and place that number of tiles in their ten-frame.

For instance, if they roll a 5, have them count 5 tiles and place one tile in each of the frame of the ten-frame.

ten-frame game for kindergartners

Then have them count the number of the second inside dice and count that number of tiles and place them in the ten-frame.

For example, if the second number is 4, place four magnetic tiles in the next four frames.

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Then have them count the total amount of tiles in the ten frame to find the answer. Repeat the numbers to them rolled by saying:

“5 + 4 = 9”

If you child rolls a 6 and then a 6 again have them roll again and let them know that they 6 plus 6 is greater than 10 and right now you are only going up to 10.

For older kids you can add another frame of 5 underneath so that you can count up to 12.

For more practice adding to 10 using a ten-frame check out these activity with a printable sheets included.


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ten-frame game for kindergartners

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