Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

INSIDE: Create this easy and fun Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for a winter themed sensory bin for your kids for a wonderful indoor activity this winter! So fun and simple to create! Let your child pretend to make hot cocoa for you, their siblings or all their stuffed animals! All my kids had a blast with this fun sensory bin and I’m sure yours will love it too!

Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

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Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

Grab your sensory bin and fill it cold water. Add a single drop of brown food coloring and mix. Test to make sure that it won’t stain your child’s hands by dipping your finger in first. If your fingers gets stained add more water or remove some of the coloured water you have and add more water without adding any more brown food colouring. The small amount of food colouring and lots of water mix did not stain my children’s clothing.

Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

Add some pretend play tea cups and mugs or some travel mugs for scooping and pouring. Also add a few pretend play spoons or real tea spoons for scooping.

Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

Next, add mini marshmallows. Don’t add the marshmallows until right before your child is ready to play. They will eventually dissolve in the water even if the water is cold.

Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

Invite your child over to their own hot chocolate stand! Let your little ones play and pretend to make steaming cups of pretend hot chocolate for you, their siblings or stuffy animals.!

How they Played with the Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

My kids absolutely loved this sensory bin and although I told them not to eat the marshmallows until the end they simply couldn’t resist. One took a bite and then another and then before you knew it they were all gone. I don’t think this would be as much of an issue if you are doing this activity with one child. But with three, the competition to eat their fair share of the marshmallows over took their will power. But the good news is that the sensory bin was no less fun without the marshmallows. They started to call it coffee and continue to play for quite a while. Allowing me time to finish my actual coffee.

Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

Don’t want to use marshmallows? I hear you, neither did I. I tried putting in white Pom Poms or cotton balls and they all sank immediately and turned brown. Then I tried using white packing peanuts and they started to dissolve in the water faster than the marshmallows. I would rather a taste safe option over the alternative so I stuck with marshmallows and let my kids have a little bit more sugar than they normally get in a regular day. And guess what… they survived and had a blast! And did I mention that I got to drink my own coffee hot!!!!

Age Suitability for Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

This activity is great for kids 3 years and up. My kids are 3.5, 3.5, and 7.5 year old.

Supplies for Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

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  • Water
  • Brown food colouring
  • Sensory Bin
  • Play or real mug or tea cups
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Play or real tea spoons

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Easy Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for Winter

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  1. Christy Lynn Mulder

    I mixed instant hot chocolate with sand, used mugs, cups, spoons and small white pompoms. My two year olds loved it.

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