Magnetic Tiles & Pom Poms

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Here is a fun way to play with magnetic tiles with your toddler, preschooler or kindergartner. Building and creating gets just a bit more fun when pom poms are added!

Looking for other creative ways to play with your Magnetic Tiles? Check out these fun and easy ideas:

Here’s How To Set Up Magnetic Tiles and Pom Poms

The set up for this activity very easy. All you need are your magnetic tiles, pom poms and your child’s imagination!

STEAM Activity

This was an instant hit with all my kids. With my 4.5 year old she wanted to build a slide for the pom poms. So together we figured out a way to create a slide for the pom poms to go down.

You can build boxes for the pom poms, or different shaped boxes, or spaceships or a castle!

With my 14 month old twins I created a few structures like towers and boxes and filled them with pom poms! They had fun exploring the pom poms and magnetic tiles together. They smashed the structures and then did their best to rebuild them. They loved seeing all the pom poms pour of of the structures as they came down!

Sibling Play Idea

This is a great activity to do with young toddlers as well with older kids. My 14 month old twins and my 4.5 year old both really enjoyed it.

Although my twins weren’t quite able to build anything yet they were eager to help when I started building.

Creative Toddler Play

The best part of this activity is the potential for your little one’s own creativity and imagination to shine through!

They are only limited by what they can dream up!


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