Puffy Paint Snowman

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Have you every tried using puffy paint before. Well this was our first time and it was amazing. Its super easy and inexpensive to make and a lot of fun to use! In this fun winter activity you can create a snowman using puffy paint and a water bottle!

Here’s how to get started!

Gather your supplies. You will want to cut out the various items for the snowman first.

Cut out a hat for your snowman. We cut out a top hat and a winter hat! Cut out arms, buttons and a triangle carrot nose. For a mouth you can cut out small circles or you can cut out a smile.

Get creative! Feel free to add anything else to your snowman like a scarf or even feet!

Making Puffy Paint

To make puffy mix equal parts shaving cream with school glue. Mix well until it starts to stiffen. Then you are ready to paint.

Make a Snowman

Take the paint brush and start to paint the snowman using the puffy paint. It should start to coat the water bottle making look like it is covered in snow.

We did a few layers on the water bottle to make sure that it was covered.

This is a messy activity! Make sure you dress your child appropriately. My daughter loved this part of the activity. Painting with the puffy paint is a great sensory painting activity.

Time to add the face and other details to your snowman.

Stick the hat on to the top of the snowman bottle. All of the snowman details should stick in the puffy paint. If things are sliding and not sticking then you may need to add more glue to your puffy paint. Add more glue to your mixing bowl and then reapply it to your snowman bottle.

Add the googly eyes, triangle carrot nose and mouth. Then add the buttons and if you cut out arms and a scarf, add those now too.

Then you are done. Take a quick picture and then set you snowman aside and wait for the best part!


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  • Shaving cream
  • Elmers School Glue
  • Water bottle
  • Black, brown, orange and blue construction paper
  • Paint brush
  • Bowl and fork for mixing
  • Googly eyes
  • Smock


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