Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

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INSIDE: Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft is a fun and easy craft for kids. It’s a great activity to do during Black History Month or any time of the year to learn about important figures in history.

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

I have created a lot of fun and easy crafts for many different holidays but I haven’t created any crafts for Black History Month. That ends today with this fun and easy Rosa Parks Rocking Bus craft. This adorable idea is ideal for kids of all ages and makes a great way to start talking about racial injustice and how we can create a more equitable world. Social justice activists should become as well known to our children as Santa or the Easter Bunny. They are the people that started the work to make our society more equitable. It is up to us to learn about them and to continue their work in our hearts and minds.

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Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

How to Make a Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Grab a paper plate, fold it in half. Grab your yellow and green paint sticks (or any colour). Colour the bottom section of the plate yellow. Take your black sharpie and draw three bus windows. Colour in the bus windows blue and the rest of the bus green.

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Cut out two small circles from the black construction paper. Cut two smaller circles from the white printer paper. Glue the water circle on top of the black circle. Glue both of the wheels to the bottom of the paper plate.

Time to make Rosa Parks

Cut out a circle and rectangle for her head and body. The body will be how you attached her to the rocking bus. Cut out a green sweater for Ms Parks – a square with a v-neck (see below). Glue the head to the body and the sweater on top of the body.

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Using the black construction and cut out the hair for Ms Park. Cut it out in the shape of a cloud. You can give your Ms Park ears as well, if you like. Glue the hair to her head.

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Glue the google eyes to her face and draw glasses around the eyes using a sharpie. Also draw a mouth. Finally glue the Ms Parks to the back of the rocking bus using glue. If your Ms. Parks is leaning forward bend her back slightly so that she is looking up.

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Ms. Z is 6.5 years old. This craft is ideal for 3 years +.

What to Talk About

While doing this activity talk about the important role Rosa Parks played in bringing civil rights to all Americans. Click here for more information about Rosa Parks.

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  • Paper Plate
  • Skin Tone Construction paper
  • Green and Brown construction paper
  • Googley Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Sticks
  • Black Sharpie


Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

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