Sticky Hearts Letter Match

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Post-it Note Activity

Here is a fun Valentine’s Day sticky hearts letter match activity for toddlers using post-it notes! It’s a great way to practice letters, numbers and so much more!!

I love using post it notes as a toddler learning tool from the first time I say Susie from Busy Toddler use them in one of her many post it notes activities.

They are an inexpensive way to learn just about anything!

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 sticky hearts letter match VALENTINES DAY activity

Set Up for Sticky Hearts Letter Match

For this activity I first took my roll of white paper and drew several hearts and then I wrote letters inside the hearts that I wanted my twins to learn.

 sticky hearts letter match VALENTINES DAY activity

Then I took a pair of scissors and cut out heart shapes from the post it notes. To do this I folded about 4 or 5 post it notes in half and cut out a heart shape. I did it so that the sticky part was at the top of the heart. I realized as my twins did this activity that it probably would have been slightly easier for them to stick the hearts up if the sticky part was on the bottom. But either was will work.

I then stick all the hearts at the bottom of the sheet and taped the sheet up up on the wall.

 sticky hearts letter match VALENTINES DAY activity

I then invited my toddlers to come and choose a sticky heart and then to match it to the correct letter.

You can modify this activity to meet any learning goal such as numbers, shapes or even sight words for older children.

To set up this Valentine’s Day letter match activity you will need the following items:


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N and A are twins. They are 23 months old.


 sticky hearts letter match VALENTINES DAY activity

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