Thanksgiving Taste Test Activity for Kids

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INSIDE: Thanksgiving taste test activity is a fun sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Taste testing delicious Thanksgiving foods for a fun and easy activity this Fall.

Thanksgiving Taste Test Activity for Kids

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Taste Test

I first did a taste testing activity with my toddler when she was two and it was so fun. I had her sample everything from sweet to sour to bitter to bland. It was a lot of fun seeing her little expressions for all the different tastes but it was also a fantastic vocabulary building activity.

Thanksgiving Taste Test Activity for Kids

As she tasted each food, I would have her describe in words what it tasted like. Then I asked her to describe other foods that had a similar taste.

Thanksgiving Taste Test

For this thanksgiving version there are tons are foods you can use to fill in the 5 flavours (6 if you do bland). It is also a great way to help picky eaters explore different Thanksgiving foods in a fun and playful way.

Salty: cheese, corn with salt, gravy, ham
Sour: lemons, cranberries, vinegars,
Sweet: sweet potato, pumpkin pie,
Spicy: hot sauce, pepper
Bitter: cranberries, chocolate, mustard, kale

What food would you include in your Thanksgiving taste test? Share your ideas below!

Identifying the Different Flavours

As we tasted each food, my kids identified the foods and then even tried to combine flavours. We talked about which ones were our favourite. No surprise, everyone choose sweet for this one! We also talked about which Thanksgiving food was our favorite and which ones they were looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving.

My happy kids are 6 years and 2.5 years old.


Thanksgiving Taste Test Activity for Kids

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