60+ Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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Ah, Thanksgiving! A time of gratitude, delicious food, and memorable moments with family. And what better way to ramp up the excitement for the little ones than with some hands-on crafting? While we all eagerly wait for that golden turkey to roast, keeping those tiny hands busy with festive crafts can be just the thing to set the holiday mood. Plus, these crafts don’t just pass the time; they create keepsakes that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Now, we all know crafting can sometimes get a tad bit messy, especially when excited kiddos are involved. So here are a few pro tips to ensure your Thanksgiving crafting session is a smashing success:

  1. Preparation is Key: Before diving into any craft, lay out all materials you’ll need. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be hunting for glue with a toddler covered in paint!
  2. Embrace the Mess: While it’s essential to be prepared, also know that it’s okay for things to get a bit messy. Throw on some old T-shirts, cover your workspace with newspapers, and remember: the messier it gets, the more fun they’re having.
  3. Stay Safe: If any craft involves sharp tools or hot materials, always ensure there’s adult supervision. Safety first!

So, ready to get crafty? Here’s a list of easy and delightful Thanksgiving crafts that your kids will absolutely love. Let’s dive in!

Basic Supplies

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This list contains really cute but really easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts that you can do right now with just a little bit of prep from some really amazing kids activity blogs! Click on the links for details on how to complete their crafts.

All of these activities use materials that you most likely already have in your kitchen, bathroom, backyard or craft closet! If you have these basic supplies and a few more listed below you can do these crafts right now!

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

Our Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are here to usher in the festivities, offering a canvas for the wild and wonderful imaginations of KIDS.

Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids

This leaf turkey craft is a great way to bring fall indoors and get your kids excited about the changing seasons and Thanksgiving.

Free Printable Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids

We’re excited to bring the turkey magic right into your living room with our Free Printable Turkey Coloring Pages.

Cork Painted Turkey Craft

Cork painted turkey, a craft as fun to make as it is cute to display. It’s a fantastic way for kids to unleash their inner artists.

Salt Painted Turkey Craft with Free Turkey Template

Salt Painted Turkey is a fun and easy way to craft this Thanksgiving. Create a colourful turkey feathers using salt and coloured water!

Feather Turkey Craft

Gobble, gobble! Get ready to gobble up some crafting fun this Thanksgiving with our easy Feather Turkey Craft for kids!

Cotton Ball Painted Turkey Craft

Cotton ball painted turkey craft is a delight, providing a sensory play experience and a chance for kids to flex their creative muscles.

Coffee Filter Leaves Craft

Coffee Filter Leaves Craft is a fun fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers. A fun fine motor craft idea using eye droppers!

Pipe Cleaner Colour Match Turkey Craft

Create this adorable pipe cleaner colour matching turkey craft for your toddler this Thanksgiving to practice their fine motor skills!

Easy Tie-Dye Turkey Craft

Tie-Dye Turkey Craft is a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. Create unique feathers using this easy tie-dye process!

Thanksgiving Milk Experiment

Thanksgiving milk experiment is simple science project perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Create unique turkey feathers in this fun STEAM activity.

Fall Leaf Suncatcher Craft for Kids

It’s the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of fall leaves with a creative and educational craft – Fall Leaf Suncatchers.

Salad Spinner Turkey STEAM Craft

Pumpkin Pie Name Recognition Activity

Pumpkin Pie anyone? Pumpkin Pie name recognition activity is a great way to learn and practice recognizing your name this Thanksgiving!

Spice Painted Turkey Craft

Shape Painted Leaves: Fall Process Art

Here is a great way to celebrate autumn with this easy and fun process art activity painting leaves using different shapes!

Duplo Painted Turkey Craft

Paper Plate Fall Tree Craft

Our Paper Plate Fall Tree craft—a simple, yet visually stunning project perfect for little hands eager to celebrate the season!

Turkey Pom Pom Matching

Pluck the Turkey: Feather Grab Activity

Pluck the turkey is a fun fine motor activity for Thanksgiving and an easy activity to set up for your toddler this holiday.

Potato Masher Corn Craft for Toddlers

Here is a great Fall or Thanksgiving Craft for toddlers or preschoolers! Create corn on the cobs with a potato masher!

Blow Painting Turkey Craft

Mess Free Thanksgiving Art Activity

Hot Glue Gun Pumpkin Craft

Toss out the carving kits and dive into a craft that’s not only beautiful but also as mesmerizing to make: the Hot Glue Gun Pumpkin Craft!

Play Dough Tool Painted Turkey Craft

Nature Pumpkin Suncatcher Craft for Kids

This nature pumpkin suncatcher craft is perfect for Fall and Halloween. Make a pumpkin suncatcher using leaves in all the colours of fall!

Potato Masher Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Shapes Sticky Wall

Let’s create a fun early math Thanksgiving turkey shapes sticky wall using foam shapes. It’s the perfect indoor fall activity for your toddler or preschooler.

Coffee Filter Apple Craft

Coffee Filter Apple Craft is a fun Fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers. A fun fine motor craft idea using dot markers!

Bean Mosaic Fall Crafts

Dive into a bean mosaic fall craft activity that celebrates this beautiful season and lets your little one unleash their inner artist!

Feather Painted Turkey Craft

Turkey Balancing Activity for Toddler

Turkey balancing activity is a fun gross motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Keep your balance and feather the turkey!

Turkey Feather Sort Sticky Wall

Turkey feather sort is an easy Thanksgiving activity for toddlers. Have fun, learn a key early math skill and create beautiful turkeys!

Turkey Pom Pom Colour Matching

Turkey Pom Pom Matching is an easy color matching and gluing craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a Pom Pom Turkey this Thanksgiving.

Easy Turkey Feather Rainbow

Turkey Feather Rainbow is an easy colour sorting Thanksgiving activity for toddlers & preschoolers. Grab your feathers for a fun time!

Cotton Ball Fall Tree Craft

Enter the Cotton Ball Tree Craft, where we’ll paint our way into the season with fluffy cotton balls and vibrant hues!

Candy Wrapper Turkey Craft

Candy Wrapper Turkey Craft an easy Turkey craft for Thanksgiving using all that Halloween candy! It is an amazing craft for preschoolers!

Turkey Dinner Rescue Sensory Bin

Turkey Dinner Rescue is an easy sensory bin perfect for Thanksgiving. Let your toddle save Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.

Marble Painted Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Here is a super fun Thanksgiving turkey craft perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Create textured turkey feathers using a marble.

Giant Turkey Painting

Paper Strip Fall Tree Craft

Today, we’re merging simplicity of strips of paper with creativity to bring you the Paper Strip Fall Tree Craft.

Thanksgiving Pom Pom Drop Activity

Here is a super fun Thanksgiving colour sorting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a classic pom pom drop with a Thanksgiving twist!

Thanksgiving Dinner Sensory Bin

Here is a fun Thanksgiving sensory bin activity that lets your little one prepare their own Thanksgiving feast!

Sink or Float Thanksgiving Dinner STEM Activity

This sink or float activity is a fun STEM activity for Thanksgiving. Can you guess which Thanksgiving dinner ingredient will sink or float?

Alphabet Turkey

Even More Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Fork Feather Turkey Craft

In this adorable craft you’ll only need a plastic fork!

Handprint and Footprint Turkeys

This super cute activity only requires the supplies listed above to create an unique hand and foot print Turkey.

Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids

In this adorable craft the only extra supply needed are leaves!


This is a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft using paint chips and contact paper. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Egg Carton Turkeys

Love this craft and the other supplies you’ll require are egg cartons and construction paper in different colours.

Toilet Roll Turkey

An easy craft that just requires a toilet paper roll and black marker.

Knife Painted Turkey Craft

A really cute turkey craft and the only other supply you’ll need are plastic knifes.

Dish Brush Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

This fun craft requires a dish brush!

Turkey Rock Craft

Super adorable craft that requires rocks!

Q-Tip Turkey Craft

Another super cute craft using a bunch of q-tips and an elastic band!

Fork Painted Turkey Craft

A cute craft that requires a fork and a paper plate.

Thankful Turkey

A fun craft that also teaches about thankfulness and requires construction paper in different colours!

Paper Turkey Craft

Here is another easy and cute craft that requires less supplies – no paint!

Scrap Paper Turkey

This adorable and easy turkey craft requires scrap paper!


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