Under the Sea Bath for Kids

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Set up this fun under the sea bath for your kids and let them create their own ocean world right in their bathtub!

Are you stuck indoors and need a way to entertain your kids? Make bath time any time of the day!

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under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

How to set up Under the Sea Bath

  1. Grab your foam sheets and scissors. Cut out sea weed shapes out of the green foam sheets. For coral use the orange or yellow foam sheets. Cut out waves out of blue foam sheets. For a sandy bottom out of the brown or tan foam sheets. Cut out fish from the yellow or purple foam sheets.

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under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

Foam sheets are amazing and I love using them for crafts. They are more versatile than construction paper and you can use them in water activities. When they are wet they will stick to surfaces like the bath tub or the sides of a sensory bin.

under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

2. Place all of your cut out foam shapes in the bath. In order for them stick to the sides of the bath they need to fully wet on one side. I found that the foam shapes worked best when places on the tub just above the surface of the water.

under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

3. Add your under the sea creatures to the bath.

4. Finally, fill the tub with water add a very very small amount of blue food colouring. There is a chance that the blue food colouring could stain your tub or your child’s skin. However, when I did this activity I did not have any staining at all. I add such a small amount of colouring to a full tub of water. The colouring did not stain my daughter’s skin nor did it stain tub. But if you are unsure you should skip this step.

under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

How they played

This was such a fun way to turn bath time into fun and creative time! I showed my 5 year old how to set up the foam under the sea shapes on the bath tub and then she set about to create her own sea world. She played with the sea creatures in the blue water creating different stories and scenarios!

I also did this with my 24 month old twins. They loved sticking the foam shapes on the tub and pulling them down and playing with the sea creatures as well.


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under the sea bath activity for preschoolers

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