30+ Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

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Do you have a super active toddler? Here are 30+ super easy activities for active toddlers!! Toddlers are born to be active and busy! So let them run and jump and play with these easy to set up activities for active toddlers!

Activities for Active Toddlers

If you are reading this, you are keenly aware of how active toddlers can be. I feel your pain, I have two!! There are days that I hit over 10,000 steps before 4pm!

Keeping your toddler active is key to keeping them happy. And there isn’t any other way other than to just let them do what they do best. The good news is that providing activities for your active toddler is easier than you think. With just a few supplies and this list, you will be well armed with tons of ways to burn some energy with your toddler!

This list will help you make it to nap time and bedtime without loosing your mind!

30+ Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

1. Stick Ladder

Grab some sticks. You can use broom sticks or even just painters tape and invite your little one to pretend that it’s a ladder that they have to climb up. Find more ways to play here.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

2. Bathtub Painting

Here’s an easy recipe for fun in the bath that your active toddler will love. It makes a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. A great way to keep active toddlers busy! And it only requires two ingredients: shaving cream and food colouring.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

3. Fly Swatter Bubbles

This bubble making activity is soo easy for toddlers and a great way to get out energy. And bonus no spilt bubble solution!! All you need is a fly swatter! Find out more here.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

4. Backyard Obstacle Course

Setting up a backyard obstacle course is much much easier to set up than you think and after reading this post you will definitely come up with more ideas using what you have at home to create a fun obstacle course for your kids. Find out more here.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

5. Dance Party

Dance parties indoors are awesome. Try taking the music and party outdoors and immediately change the mood with your active toddler. Even if the weather isn’t the best, a few minutes outside will do wonders for your active toddler.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

6. Balloon Tennis

Balloon bug tennis is a fun twist for spring on the classic gross motor balloon tennis game. It is also one of the greatest way to get your kids active while indoors.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

7. Book Drop

Does your toddler love to return library books at the library through the book drop? Well all three of mine do so I decided to turn it into a fun activity using a cardboard box!

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

8. Mega Blok Jumping

Set up an indoor jumping range for your toddler using their Mega Blocks. This is a simple active activity that your toddler can help set up with you!

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

9. Caterpillar Pom Pom Drop

Pom Pom drops are an amazing activities for active toddlers. I wish I could hug the mom or teacher that come up with this fantastic and easy activity. This was perhaps one of the first activities I did with the original happy toddler and I quickly saw why it’s one of the best and easiest ways to entertain toddlers. TIP: If your toddler is the kind of toddler that like to destroy activities, try adding googley eyes to the activity like here and pretend that they are talking to your toddler

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

10. Treasure Hunt

What toddler doesn’t love digging for treasure! Hide toys, balls, dinosaurs, cars, stuffed animals around the house, in a laundry basket filled with clean clothes or even in a sensory bin filled with rice. Invite your toddler to find the items!

11. Paper Towel Roll Towers

Grab some paper towel roll with the paper towels still on. You can even add some toilet paper rolls with the toilet paper still on. Full rolls for this activity and invite your toddler to stack them like giant blocks! We did activity in the winter and made snowmen out of them by adding buttons and a hat.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

12. Bubble Wrap Highway

Use bubble wrap to create a highway for your toddlers toy cars and trucks.

13. Glow in the Dark Bowling

For toddlers use a larger ball so that hitting the balls is not so challenging. Grab some empty large water or pop bottles, fill them with glow sticks. Set them up in your basement or a room that you can make fairly dark and let them try and know them down!

14. Window Washing

Get your busy toddler to help you outside by washing the windows. I should put help in quotation, the windows may not be any cleaners but you will have a super happy toddler. I love this one for any warm day outside. Find out more here.

20 Super Easy Activities for Active Toddlers

15. Jump off the Step

This one is super easy to set and great to burn off some energy indoor. Grab a step stool. I have one in every bathroom in our house for our twin toddlers. I grab one for each and invited them to step up and jump off! They loved it. They were a bit hesitant at first and asked me to hand their hands as they climbed up but they quickly got the hang of it. Adult supervision is required.

16. Painting with Water

Grab a large cardboard box and a few sponges and a small amount of water and start paint! This mess free activity is great for active toddlers because they can stand up to paint and walk about the box as they do it! Find out more here.

17. Under the Sea Bath

Turn bath time into an under the sea paradise! You’ll need foam sheets, blue food colouring and under the sea creatures. A great way to change the mood of any toddler! Find out how to create this one here.

18. Blanket Rides

Grab a blanket and invite your toddler to sit or lie down on it while you take them for a ride!

19. Walk on Pillows

Grab some pillows and try to walk over them. Find out more here.

20. Giant Catapult

Create a giant catapult that your toddler can step on a launch bean bags! Find out more here.

21. Play is Bubbles

Fill your kitchen sink with bubbles and let your toddler play.

22. Drive the Cars Anywhere

Grab your toddler’s favourite car and invite them to drive it anywhere in the house! On wall, on door, over the couch, on your bed, down stairs! Anywhere that is safe in your home!

23. Do Yoga with Them

Bring out your workout or yoga mat and start doing a workout yourself. They will gravitate to your mat and try to mimic your moves!

24. Play with Scarves

Pull out your silk scarves and place them over your face. Ask you toddler to find you. Use them to play dress up.

25. Play Head, Shoulder Knees and Toes

26. Jump on the Bed

27. Make a book rainbow.

28. Have a Snack While Sitting on the Floor Picnic Style

29. Play Follow the Leader

30. Laundry Basket Pickup

Crumple up some paper and toss it around a laundry basket. Hand your toddler some tongs and invite them to sit in the basket and pick up the pieces of paper.

31. Sharks in the Water

Similar to Floor is Lava, except the floor is water and there are sharks in it. Toss pillows or foam floor tiles around the room and invite your toddler to cross the floor using the tiles and pillows to avoid the sharks in the water.

32. Play Catch

33. Put on a Parade

Get dressed up in different costumes and put on a costume parade.

34. Marching Band

Grab your music instruments and pretend to put be in a marching band.

Age Suitability

This activity is good for kids 2 years and up. My kids are 4, 4, and 8 year old.

Mess Level

This is a mess level varies.

Difficulty to Create


Skills Developed

Sensory play, language development, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, imaginative play, creativity.

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