15+ Sticky Wall Activities for Babies

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INSIDE: Looking for an easy way to entertain your sitting baby or young toddler? Check out these 15+ easy to set up sticky wall and contact paper activities for babies!

sticky wall activities for babies

What is a sticky wall?

A sticky wall is a sheet of semi-translucent paper called contact paper, taped to a wall or window using painter’s tape. The contact paper is very sticky on one side allowing you to stick many different item (such as paper, yarn or puzzle pieces) to it. It makes a great way to create a fun mural for young children or you can stick different objects to it for sitting babies to explore and grab.

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Set up your Sticky Wall

Unroll your contact paper and cut out a large rectangle. Use painter’s tape to secure it to the wall with the paper side (or sticky side) facing out. Remove the paper protecting the sticky surface. Save this paper. Once your little one is finished using the sticky surface, you can remove the objects and cover the sticky surface with the paper.

This will work for most things except paper. Once you stick things like paper and tissue paper to the contact paper it is very hard to remove and the sticky surface is usually no longer sticky.


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Sticky Wall Activities for Babies

  1. Baby Ring Grab Sticky Wall (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  2. Baby Sticky Wall Shape Grab (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  3. Circle Sticky Wall (Baby Play Hacks)
  4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sticky Wall (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  5. Balloon Sticky Wall (hello, Wonderful)
  6. Baby Sticky Wall Puzzle Grab (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  7. A Simple Sticky Wall for Babies (Mama.Papa.Bubba)
  8. Cloudy Day Sticky Wall (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  9. Sticky Wall Yarn Sensory Activity for Babies (hello, Wonderful)
  10. Cardboard Tube Stick Wall (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  11. Sticky Grab: A Fun Activity for Baby (Happily Ever Mom)
  12. Twinkle Little Star Sticky Wall (Happy Toddler Playtime)
  13. Straw Sticky Wall (A Crafty Living)

14. Block Sticky Wall ( A Crafty Living)

15. Tissue Paper Sticky Wall (A Crafty Living)

Other Sticky Wally Activities for Babies

Here are a few other objects you can use to on contact paper for babies and young toddlers.

  • Plastic Spoons
  • Large Foam Shapes
  • Markers


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sticky wall activities for babies

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