Balloon Printed Easter Eggs

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This is an easy and very fun process art activity we did today after dinner (and after my 13 month old twins went to bed early!). Decorating an Easter egg using balloons!

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Here’s how to get started

Gather your supplies. Cut out the shape of an Easter egg using the white paper.

Prepare for the Mess

This can be a very messy activity. A balloon shot out of my daughter’s hands by accident and landed on me, paint side up (so be prepared yourself for a little mess!). To keep your table clean, it is best to lay down kraft paper or you can tape a flat cardboard box to your table to protect it. Also, having your child wear a smock is also a good idea to protect their clothing!

Set out your paints. For this activity using paper plates makes it easy to dip the balloons into the paint.

Blow up the balloons but only a small amount. You do not want them to be too big for your child’s hands.

Time to Paint

Let your little one dip the balloons into the paint and print them on the Easter eggs! Continue until they are decorated to their liking!

Benefit of Process Art

The great thing about this activity is that you can let your child paint freely paint. This is key to developing their individual creativity.

Super Fun Activity

This was an extremely fun but super easy to set up process art activity that is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. My four year had a blast with this! Keep those wipes handy for a super easy clean up as well.

Easter Egg Masterpiece

When you little one has completed with their balloon printing, either hang your Easter eggs to dry and lay them somewhere safe to dry.

Once dry, display your child’s lovely art work on your fridge for Easter!


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