Confetti Writing Tray

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Writing trays are a fun way to keep up writing skills during the holidays or at anytime of the year. They are fun for them and easy to create for you. Here is one that is perfect for New Years Eve and New Years Day but it can also be used anytime of the year!

Here’s how to get started

On a large baking sheet spread out the confetti glitter. Now this potentially could be a very messy activity so set guide lines for play early. Remind your little one that the glitter confetti stays in the tray and that if it doesn’t the activity will be suspended.

Remind Them of the Rules of Play

This is something that I remind my happy 4 year old of every time we do a potentially messy activity and we started doing activities at around 18 months so she is well aware of the rules now.

Start teaching them young and it will pay off in the future giving you the freedom to do more with them knowing that your clean up will not be horrendous!

Writing Utensil

For this activity use a fun writing utensil. You have a few options. You can have them use their fingers or a pencil. Since we did the activity around New Years we used a New Year noisemaker. 

You can also use a straw or stick! Get creative and they will enjoy it more!

Time to Write

I then created a few number prompts for my 4 year old to write using a piece of construction paper and a sharpie.

After each number all she needed to do to erase what she had written was give the pan a little shake!

Happy New Year!

All the best in the new year!


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  • Baking Sheet
  • Glittering Confetti
  • New Years noisemaker or pencil
  • Salt
  • Construction Paper
  • Sharpie


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