Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

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Easter Egg Name activity is a great name recognition activity for preschoolers and even toddlers to do this Easter! It is also a great fine motor activity!

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

Learning Your Name

Learning your name is a key skill for preschoolers to master before they start kindergarten! Not only is it practical but it is a great way to build confidence before they start school! The good news is that most preschoolers instinctively want to learn their own name so all you need to do is provide them with fun opportunities for them to master it! You will be surprised at how quickly they will pick it up.

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

I like to start with the beginning letter of their name. Get them familiar with that letter first. Whenever you notice it on a walk or in a book, point it out to them. Very soon they will be pointing it out to you. Learning the rest of the letter of their name will follow. Be sure to highlight not only the letter name but also the letter sound. In fact the letter sound is far more important for them to remember than the letter name!

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Name ActivitIES for Preschoolers

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How to Create Easter Egg Name Activity

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers
  1. Grab your plastic Easter eggs, hot glue gun and craft sticks. Attach the craft sticks to the bottom of the Easter egg using the hot glue. Hold it in place for several minutes to ensure that it stays and to allow the glue to dry.
  1. Repeat the previous step for every letter in your child’s name.
  2. Take a black sharpie and write each letter of your child’s name on each egg.
Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers
  1. Grab a cardboard box and write out the letters of your child’s name.
  2. Take a pair of scissors or box cutters and cut a slit just above each letter. Make the slit large enough for them to be able to put the craft stick through without issue.

Practicing Their Name with Easter eggs

Invite your child to match each egg with the correct letter on the box by “planting” the eggs!. Before starting, ask them to identify all the letters in their name, have them tell you the sound as well as the name of the letter.

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

Next, have them match the eggs on the craft sticks with the correct letter on the box. While they are matching have them tell you the letter and sounds again! And then repeat!

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

Extending this Activity

Another way to use your eggs on sticks is to have your preschooler “plant” them in the cardboard box. Then you can transfer the box into a sensory bin filled with rice. Open the eggs up for them and invite them to scoop rice into each open egg. Another extension is to hand them foam letters and have them match the foam letters to the correct open eggs on sticks.

Easter Egg Name Activity for Preschoolers

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Supplies for Easter Egg Name Activity

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  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft sticks
  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • Black Sharpie


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