Easter Egg Rescue Sensory Bin

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Here is a fun Easter egg rescue sensory bin that makes a perfect indoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s also an amazing fine motor activity that is super simple to set up and clean up!

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This activity was a real hit with all my kids! They literally did this several times over and over again several times during the day. They loved scooping the Easter eggs and putting them into bowls and found the extra challenge of having the tape covering the sensory bin very fun!

The goal of this activity was to rescue the Easter eggs from the sensory bin by carefully sticking the spoons through the tape web, scooping up an egg and then bring it back up without loosing it! Very tricky but lots of fun!

How to set up Easter egg Rescue Sensory Bin

  1. Put painter’s tape or masking tape across your sensory bin starting from the outside bottom of the bin or container. This will help to secure the tape and make it stronger while your little one plays. (No sensory bin? You can use a cardboard box, laundry basket or any container that will hold the eggs!)
  2. Grab your Easter eggs and fill them with one or two foam letters. Close the eggs and place them in the sensory bin.
  3. Grab your colourful bowls and soup ladles or cooking spoons and place them beside the sensory bin.

As soon as my toddlers saw this activity they pretty much knew exactly what to do. They grabbed a spoon and started to try and rescue the eggs inside. As soon as they rescued an egg they opened them up. This was a little tricky at first, but I explained to them how to squeeze the eggs to open them and they quickly got the hang of it!

Once they opened the eggs they sorted the letters by colour and then sorted the eggs by colour as well.

Once all the eggs were rescued and opened, they started all over again. For the second and subsequent rounds we left the letters out and just focused on rescuing and scooping the Easter eggs!

How they played

It’s fun having twins who have very different learning and playing styles. Mr.2 loved this activity and wanted to do it on repeat for almost 25 minutes. While his twin sister had very little interest in this activity at all! Once she rescued a few eggs, she was happy to play with them, breaking it open to reveal the letter inside putting them in bowls and pretending to make a soup.

Mr.2 loved scooping and trying to retrieve the eggs in the sensory bin through the tape web with his spoon. He definitely found this challenging at times resorting to his fingers to help out an egg that had fallen off his spoon as he tried to bring it out. He also loved colour sorting the eggs in the bowls.

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N and A are twins. They are 25 months old.


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