Fine Motor Valentine’s Day Letter Match

INSIDE: Fine Motor Valentine’s Day Letter Match is a fun and easy literacy activity for toddlers and preschoolers for Valentines Day! Up-cycle your next cardboard box to create this fine motor letter activity.

Valentine’s Day isn’t usually my favourite holiday to create activities for but this year is a little differently obviously. So we are having a ton of fun at home while trying to stay sane during this crazy time. I hope you are this and all our other activities for Valentine’s also keep your little one learning and have fun this February.

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How to Set up Fine Motor Valentine’s Day Letter Match

Grab your cardboard box, sharpie and heart cookie cutter. Trace 26 hearts on your box. Then use paint sticks to colour in the hearts red, pink and white. Then use your sharpie to write in the uppercase letters in the hearts. I made the mistake and write both the upper and lower case letters in my hearts. So don’t make my mistake. Only write uppercase letters in the hearts not both!

Grab your craft sticks and heart stickers. Use your sharpie to write the lowercase letter on the heart stickers and then stick them on the tops of the craft sticks.

Take your scissors and make a slit in each heart large enough to slide a craft stick through.

Invite your preschooler to match the heart sticks to the hearts in the box for a great fine motor literacy activity.

Other Modifications

There are lots of other ways you can modify this activity to meet your learning needs:

  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colours

My twins are almost 3 years old.

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