Foam Stencil Painting

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An easy prep painting activity using foam puzzles! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Set up:


Set up for the painting activity is easy. Punch out the foam puzzle pieces (I used our foam animal puzzles but this activity can be done with the foam letters).

Tape the outlines to a piece of paper. They will become the stencil.


Set up your paints on a paint palette or paper plate. Have your toddler dip her sponge or sponge brush into the paint and start painting.



My toddler is a talker, so in any activity she loves it when I talk to her about what she is doing. Since we were painted animals, we talked about each animal, where they lived or some physical attribute (such as a where is the fishes fin?). We also talked about what colours she was going to use to paint each animal!


But we don’t always talk. I like to play a bit of jazz music in the background. She might fight me on this sometimes and insist on hearing her music (usually the Frozen sound track). But I find it distracts her from her painting task.



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