Gems and Watercolour Flowers

Create a beautiful multi-media watercolour art project with your little one using gems and watercolours. And the best part is that it’s something they can do one their own!!

Gems and Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

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Gems and Watercolours Flowers art for kids

Here’s How to Create your own Gems and Watercolour Flowers

Gems and Watercolours Flowers arts and crafts project for preschoolers

Step 1: Glue the Gems

Grab your gems, watercolour paper and glue. I used regular school glue to attach the gems to the watercolour paper, because I wanted my 4 year old to do this activity on her own while I made dinner. After it had dried, 1 or 2 gems fell off but I easily reattached them with a glue gun. If you want to ensure that the gems to stay on, you can use a glue right off the bat.

Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

Glue the gems all over the paper in random spots.

Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

Step 2: Draw the Petals

Next, take your black sharpie and draw flower petals all around the gems. Use the gems as the center of the flowers.

Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

Again this was something I wanted my daughter to do on her own so I showed her what to do and then I let her create her own flowers!

Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

Step 3: Time to Paint!

Watercolours Flowers Kids art project

Now it’s time to use the watercolours to bring the flowers to life! Use the watercolours to paint inside the black sharpflower petals. I let me daughter determine what colours and how she was going to paint the flowers.

Gems and Watercolours Flowers art for toddlers

Perfect After School or Quiet Time Activity

This made the perfect activity to do after school while I was busy in the kitchen. It required very little adult intervention or help and the results were stunning. She was quite proud of her creation!

Gems and Watercolours Flowers for kindergartners


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Gems and Watercolours Flowers art for toddlers

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