Oobleck Spider Rescue

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Oobleck is such a great sensory material. It is nontoxic, super easy to make, gooey and gross making it the perfect Halloween sensory activity.

It is also incredibly fun to play with.

My four year old get so excited when I ask her if she wants to do a goop  (that’s what we call oobleck in our house) activity.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you and your little one are in for a treat this Halloween!

Here’s how to get started.

Making Oobleck

When I make oobleck (much like when I cook), I don’t follow an exact recipe. I generally add the corn starch and then slowly add water stirring it as I go until the consistency is goopy but not watery.

If your mixture is too watery add a bit more corn starch. If it’s a bit too stiff add a little more water. A good rule of thumb is 2 cornstarch to 1 water.

When I said we were going to do a spider rescue activity with goop, my four year old couldn’t wait to get started and wanted to help with the mixing.

I let her keep the spoon to help mix the cornstarch and water to make the oobleck.

I then added plastic spiders, Halloween gems, squeeze pouch caps, mini skeletons and eyeballs. I also gave her some fine motor tools like tweezers and handy scoopers.

Fine Motor and Sorting Fun

This was a very engaging activity. My four year old loved rescuing spiders, eyeballs and caps as well as playing with the oobleck. I also gave her a few bowls to sort all the rescued items into.

Oobleck makes an excellent fine motor exercise. Pulling objects out of it is not only fun its also challenging.

She played with this for so long that I had to add a bit more water to the mixture as it started to get dry.

Clean Up

When oobleck dries it converts back into a powder state. So if any gets on the floor it’s best to leave it a while until it dries and then it will be easier to clean.

Same goes for disposing the entire mixture in the backing pan when your child done. Letting it dry and then disposing it in compost or garbage is best. To clean off all the Halloween items I waited until the mixture dried and turned back into power and then dusted most of the cornstarch off into my compost before rinsing them off.

Total Hit

This was such a hit with my four year old I wished I thought of the item sooner! Cant wait to do more fine motor activities with oobleck in the future!!



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