Popsicle Letters

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It is so important that preschoolers practice writing with various materials and utensils even in the summer. My almost 4 year old couldn’t resist practicing her letters with these colourful homemade ‘popsicles’.


Here is what you’ll need to start Popsicle Letters:


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How to Make Popsicles

Fill the popsicle molds with water and add 1-2 drops of food colouring.

Place in the freezer the night before you plan to use them.


Setting up Letters

This activity is best done outside. The popsicles although just water and food colouring will get messy.

Tape down a large sheet of kraft paper and write down the letters that you want your preschooler to practice. Today I wanted my preschooler to practice letters with straight lines only.

Writing with Popsicles

The easiest way to use popsicles as a writing tool is to hold it by the stick and use the top part of the popsicle to write.

My almost 4 year old found this challenging at first and wanted to write using the sides of the popsicle.

This does not work as well and frustrated her.

After I showed her how much easier it was to write using the popsicle like a pencil she quickly got the hang of it.

Messy Writing

If doing this activity on a hot day be aware that the popsicles will melt and you will want your little ones to be wearing play clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and maybe even stained.

I talk about a way to get food colouring out of clothing below.

When practicing writing I guided my daughter and showed her where each letter started so that not only was she practicing writing but learning directionality of the letters as well.

This will set her up well in the future when writing in the classroom setting.

Getting Food Colouring Out of Clothing

I use food colouring in lots of different activities for my preschooler but it is super tough to get off hands and even harder to get out of clothing.

If like me you sometimes forget to put a smock on your preschooler before doing activities involving food colouring fear not I have a great way to get food colouring out of most clothing.

This method works best when done as soon as possible for fresh, light stains.

1. Grab some damp paper towel or rag and soak up as much of the colouring as possible by dabbing and even try to scrape it off using a plastic knife.

2. In a bowl mix 1 cup cool water, one tbsp of white vinegar, and one teaspoon liquid dish soap. Submerge the stain completely for 15 minutes.

3. Rinse under cold water with the stain down. I had to rub the fabric slightly but do this carefully so as not to spread or damage the clothing.

4. Once stain is removed, toss clothing into the laundry as usual.


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